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Essay on “Noise Pollution” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Noise Pollution

3 Best Essay on “Noise Pollution”

Essay No. 01

Of all the pollution, noise pollution in cities is the severest. Noise is created by the motor vehicles, horns, strains used by the factories, the machines in the machines in the factories, flights of aeroplanes, helicopters and jets, running trains, engines, Jagrans, the beating of drums cause no less noise. Loudspeakers and pop songs or film music on the streets deafen people.

Noise Pollution has caused such a situation that it is difficult to find a corner to relax. It causes tension and our nerves get strained. The number of cases of deafness is on the increase. Noise is a king of slow poisoning which would end up in the madness of deafness. It is difficult to talk to people on roads, streets or inside factories. Even the quiet moments in parks are disturbed because of one noise or the other. People in the city, of course, are getting used to it but it is just a compromise with death which will untimely grip us unaware. We should be cautious otherwise our new generation will have to suffer different diseases as a result.

The planting of popular trees, like the casuarinas, tamarind, banyan and neem, appears to give a possible method of reducing noise pollution in towns.  According to a study by a team of doctors and technicians at the Institute of Oto- Reino- Laryngology in Madras Medical College, these trees and certain other shrubs strongly reduce sound levels, particularly the din produced by the continuous flow of automobiles.

Under a project of the Science and Technology Department of the Central Government, the Institute conducted investigations into the effect of noise pollution among workers in four cities of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It was found that the exposure of these persons to traffic noise resulted in a considerable loss of hearing capacity over a period of time. The study of trees and shrubs for noise reduction was an off-shoot of this project.     

Trees and shrubs appeared to act as good noise-prevention screens, even though they could not eliminate the noise completely. The green leaves actively absorb noise and its reduction may also be due to the physical blocking of sound waves by the stem and the bark. Perhaps it was because of these yards of residences, tamarind trees on roadsides, and banyan trees in temples.

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Essay No. 02


Noise Pollution

The rapid degradation of the environment is the result of our overindulgence. This can be seen in the poisoned air, polluted water, mountains of garbage and waste, deafening noise and smoke-belching vehicles all around. Much of the wholesomeness of the environment has been destroyed during the past few decades, resulting in a dangerous imbalance in nature and ecology. Our current concern about the environment and its increasing pollution, though belated, is welcome.

Pollution has many dimensions and faces, and noise pollution is one of them. But public awareness about the dangers of noise pollution is still insufficient and, therefore, nothing substantial has been done against it. The knowledge among people about noise as a dangerous pollutant is miserably low and poor.

It is really sad that very few people are aware of the fact that noise is a great pollutant. It is all around us. There is traffic noise, household noise, construction and industrial noise, loud music, noise coming from religious places through loudspeakers, noise of marriage, religious and political processions, rallies, and in the sky, there is the noise of the aeroplanes and helicopters. Yet, we remain unaware of its harmful presence and effects. This dangerous pollutant disturbs our sleep and peace, causes irritation and annoyance, interrupts our flow of thoughts and affects our mental and physical health.

It is as dangerous and widespread as atmospheric or water pollution. Studies have proved that constant exposure to loud noise results in many mental disorders and physical ailments. Our sensitive ears cannot shut out the noise, neither when we are awake nor asleep. So, there is a continuous onslaught on our ears in cities, towns and places where industries are located. It is because of this pollution that we have lost much of our sensitivity to finer, softer and subtler sounds.

The relative loudness of a sound is measured in decibels. The lowest audible sound is one decibel. Sounds up to approximately 70 decibels are tolerable but louder sounds become harmful in proportion to their upward increase on the scale. Decibel levels of 90 are a threat to ears and beyond that may cause permanent deafness to a person exposed to it for long periods.

The ubiquity of loud and constant noise produced by traffic, machines, hi-fi music systems, factories, public address systems, aeroplanes, railway engines, etc. in towns and cities have made life very uncomfortable and intolerable. Consequently, people living in cities and towns do not know what is real peace, proper rest and deep sleep. Even during night, there is great noise emanating from factories, sirens, trains and their engines and zooming aeroplanes in the skies. This noise may not arouse us from our sleep but it certainly affects us adversely in many ways. It affects our working, both in terms of quality and quantity.

Noise may sometimes go unnoticed but it certainly produces profound psychological changes in the body and mind. Frequent exposure to loud noise causes decreased flow of blood in the small vessels, dilation of pupils, tensing of muscles, digestive problems, nervousness, irritation and anxiety. It also lowers the working efficiency, especially in jobs requiring concentration, accuracy and speed. The most glaring effect of noise can be seen in the form of gradual loss of hearing, resulting in deafness.

With the passage of time and increased industrial activity and urbanization, noise is becoming all-pervasive and distracting. Even villages are now no more immune from this nuisance and pollutant.

We are now living virtually in a world of noises and leading a life sans sanity, sans peace and mental equipoise. Many of our quarrels, acts of irrationality, traffic accidents, crimes, etc. are the direct result of this kind of living.

City dwellers are in great danger of gradually becoming hard of hearing and ultimately deaf if it is not noticed and cured in time. The conclusion: more public awareness about the dangers of this pollutant and stricter implementation of the noise control laws. Only increased public awareness can properly deal with the menace, which is growing louder and more dangerous every day. A new concept suggests that planting trees can also reduce the menace to some extent. Then why not go green as much and as fast as possible?

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Essay No. 03

Noise Pollution

Loudspeakers are a great nuisance. They spread noise pollution which affects human nerves and can make a person, especially an infant, deaf or perhaps even dumb. No doubt, we have several other agents that spread noise pollution such as horns of motor vehicles, buzzers and hooters of factories, noises of people in markets, high volumes of TV and radio sets, jugging sounds of tractors, scooters and generators, etc., but the blaring of loudspeakers are the most obnoxious of them all. People have no sense of realizing that silence and tranquillity are gold and even the best speech is only silver. Day in and day out, people in disregard of any social norms, start blaring film songs on festivals and functions. On such occasions, they think they have got the right and licence to disturb the people. The infants, the patients and the students are the most affected class. The poor students who have to appear for some examination cannot concentrate on their studies. The patients can’t get a blink of sleep. Loudspeakers, including those used for religious purposes, must be banned if the government have any real regard for people’s health.

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