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Essay on “Newspaper” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


4 Best Essay on “Newspaper”

Essay No. 01

‘News’ has four letters. These four letters stand for four directions- North, East, West, South. Reports from Four directions are given the name ‘News’. The paper on which reports are printed is called ‘newspaper’. Newspapers in modern society have great social and educative values. They are common media for expressing views. Its principal aim is to supply news. Information with different views through comments, articles, and editorials.

The newspaper provides us with up-to-date information about important political events and topics of general interest. We are brought into touch with the current problems which affect us so much if we neglect them. Again, the morning paper brings to our knowledge all the notable events which occurred in distant lands only the day before. The advertisement column of the newspaper tells us where we can find work for ourselves or improve our prospects. It provides us with the means of either disposing of our own articles or purchasing the things we stand in need of. Reviews of books given in some newspapers help us to choose the best books. Those of us who are interested in art, music, farming, and sports can also find enough material for amusement.

Besides this, the newspaper tries to educate and mold public opinion. Most of us are too busy in our own affairs to think of the great political problems of our country. We go to the newspaper and accept the view it presents to us. So the opinion of the newspaper becomes our opinion. Moreover, the press affords a platform from which advocates of social reform can press their causes on public attention. if certain wrongs are done by the Government to the people, a cry against them can be raised in newspapers.    

It is evident that the newspaper is great power in the country because it can deeply influence public opinion. The editors of newspapers have therefore a heavy responsibility. The newspaper becomes a power for evil if it distorts the truth, presents only the dark. Newspapers are good means of advertisement.  They help the business. There is news about the manufactured articles, quotations of prices, and rates of commodities. We get all types of information from the social, political, commercial, and educational. There is one magazine section in them. In this section, there is a list of the latest books. This section is very useful for the students. they get the books of their choice. Business concerns give their advertisements. There are advertisements for medicines. The sick people may buy medicines for their use.

There are matrimonials in the newspapers. This news helps people to solve the problem of finding suitable matches people select matches of their choice by personal contact. 

Newspaper is very important for unemployed and underemployed persons. ‘ Wants’ are given on the second page of the newspaper. The unemployed persons come to know about the vacancies. They apply for the posts suitable to them.

Newspaper is useful to every person of society. It is also beneficial to every age – child, youth, old, children, youths, and old – all take interest in newspaper. We find different kinds of advertisements, short stories, historical events, religious doctrines, political speeches, legal opinions, sports, matrimonials, lost and found, admission, test dates and let, property, services, etc.

Thus we see that the newspapers sever society in different ways. It also helps in shaping the destiny of a nation its misuse may cause great harm to society. It has been a must,’ with tea refreshment. It is our daily mental refreshment. When we do not get the newspaper to read due to any cause, it affects us. We recollect again and again to have a reading. The habit of reading newspapers is understood as a good cultured habit. A good newspaper is a watchdog of democracy.   


Essay No. 02




In the world of today, newspapers have become almost as necessary as food and clothing. This is especially true in the case of the modern educated man, who cannot enjoy his morning breakfast unless he has the morning paper before him. The world moves so fast, events happen so quickly in every sphere of life, that success is impossible without keeping in close touch with the latest developments. One must be posted up-to-date if one desires to make any progress.

The primary function of a newspaper, as the very name suggests, is to provide news of all kinds. The statesman is anxious to know the latest developments in the political sphere. The businessman wants correct information about market conditions, the common man has a natural curiosity to learn about almost everything in general. A successful newspaper caters to all kinds of readers—scientists, sportsmen, cinema fans, politicians, businessmen, lawyers, and jobless workers anxiously looking up vacancy columns.

Besides their informative character, newspapers possess a literary value. Articles by well-known writers, commentaries by great men, book reviews by expert critics, all find their way into the newspaper. It is a fact, that in addition to the news, which has only a passing interest for us, newspapers contain a lot of matter of a permanent and lasting value.

Newspapers are a very powerful means of propaganda. They form and mold public opinion. The editorials or leading articles in a newspaper exert much influence on its readers who tend to form their opinions in accordance with the idea expressed there. It is newspapers that enable us to form judgments upon situations or developments of national importance.

Newspapers also serve as a mirror of public opinion because the public can express its views in letters to the editor, which are published in the papers. The leaders of a country again can convey their messages to the people. In this way, newspapers create direct contact between the nation and its leaders. The educative value of newspapers is thus very great.

Newspapers provide a great incentive to the business. Businessmen can advertise their goods in newspapers and thus reach their customers. Besides business advertisements, newspapers contain several other advertisements which serve a very useful purpose. They are means of bringing together buyers and sellers, employers and workmen, lost children, and those searching for them. Matrimonial ads, situations wanted, situations vacant and a score of other categories of advertisements appear in the pages of a modern newspaper to make it more useful as well as interesting.

At the same time, newspapers can do great harm. Indeed, the Press in India does not sufficiently recognize its duties and responsibilities. Some newspapers lower their moral tone in order to appeal to the loose sentiments of the leaders. Again there are communal papers, which are a threat to the unity of India. They were mainly responsible for the partition of the country in the 1947 and 1984 riots. Also, there are papers, which propagate some form of political or social programs. They become dangerous when young people take them for truths. They are not truthful but they give half-truths. They mislead people by painting their opponents as bad or foolish.

The Press everywhere has a sacred responsibility. This responsibility consists in verifying the truth of every item of news that is published and making impartial and dispassionate comments upon the various happenings in the world. A newspaper should not serve a party, a set, or a group of people, but the whole of a nation. The emergence of a monopoly in this field is also undesirable.

The Press has been hailed everywhere “as the guardian of liberty”. The liberty of the Press has been described as the palladium of all the civil, political, and religious rights of the citizen. Burke called the Press gallery of British Parliament the Fourth Estate of the realm. The Press can be, and after all, is, the beacon light of truth and justice, if independent and disaffiliated from crippling ideologies or party politics. Shackled as a mere tool of party bosses or government, it often serves as a false light to misguide, befog and inflame the public.


Essay No. 03



Life without a newspaper is difficult to imagine. It is the first thing that we look for every morning. It brings us news and views from all corners of the world. Any event or occurrence of importance that takes place is reported by the newspapers.

The newspapers carry information for everyone – businessmen, politicians, unemployed people, players, kids, etc. It widens knowledge, keeps one abreast of all advances made in the fields of science, education, medicine, and technology.

Newspapers are important pillars in a democracy. A free press not only makes people aware of the views and policies of the government but also of their rights.

It keeps the government informed about people’s wishes, desires, and aspirations, which can be expressed. Newspapers keep us in constant touch with the news, developments, changes, advances, and occurrences in each nook and corner of the world and at a very little price to the reader. Their popularity gives them immense power in molding public opinion.

Unfortunately, most newspapers have vested interests. They are owned by capitalists and have to toe their line. Some newspapers are organs of political parties. Their loyalty to the party is greater than the sense of fair play. It is essential to cultivate the faculty of independent thinking in the readers so that they do not believe every word of the news. The newspaper should have a very strict code of ethics to which it should conscientiously adhere.



Essay No. 04

The newspapers have their own importance. Newspapers are also very good means of publicity and propaganda. Many a time, newspapers help in creating the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding. The newspapers reach their own ideology, as well. The production and distribution of the newspapers need heavy expenditure and huge organisation. Similarly, acute competition eliminates small newspapers. Thus, it becomes a huge business organisation with a profit motive. Firstly, it tries to become financially sound by increasing readership and attracting advertisements. As such they tempt the readers to believe the statements to be true. They repeat the news through the different papers and the readers by reading in different papers, believe them. Another method to misguide the readers is through headlines. By their pithy nature and bold type headlines give undue importance to certain news. The reader’s opinions are prejudiced by giving emotionally coloured words and disguised comments in the headlines. The busy or lazy reader does not go beyond the headlines, even the careful reader is satisfied with the first few paragraphs. The reader is not allowed to concentrate; short paragraphs and splitting up the item on different pages discourage it. The selection of the news also leads to the misguidance of the readers. The editor must conform to the newspaper policy and the tastes of the readers in selecting the news.


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