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Essay on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention 

What mainly differentiates men from animals is that man has evolved his personality and has invented several devices for his benefit, comfort and progress which animals have not. If , however , we study this point from another angle, we’ll realize that all progress has been possible because of longing for things and his necessity to do, achieve and have certain things.

When a man needs a thing, he tries to have it. He adopts the methods of beg, borrow or steal. But these methods are valid and applicable only if the object desired and required already exists. But if man just imagines an object that he needs and requires for any purpose , he has to invent or discover it.

In earliest times, man invented fire by rubbing wooden sticks or stones as he wanted first to warm   himself and then to eat baked or roasted meat which could be more palatable and more easily digestible.

Similarly, means of agriculture and irrigation were discovered as man wanted to grow corps for cereals and other kinds of food. In the same manner, other discoveries and inventions were made. Most important among these are electricity, boat, X-Ray, surgery and so on. In modern times, we have TV , computer, telephone, satellites, bombs, trains, airplanes, internet, fax , and innumerable other discoveries and invention. All of them are there to fulfill man’s one or the other requirement.

Still, the questions is : can all our necessities be assured and fulfilled through inventions? For instance, can we have the means to read the minds of cheats, swindlers, thieves, scammers, etc. Can the judges have the means to know the real truth to deliver impartial, hundred percent t correct judgment in all cases? Perhaps we still lag behind in marking invention to judge middle truly by some device or otherwise.


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