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Essay on “N.C.C Cadet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

N.C.C. Cadet

When I looked upon the smart and active cadets of the school last year when I was in 8th class, I envied them. I had a burning desire to become a N.C.C. Cadet. Next year when I was in 9th class, as per rules. I filled in the form of N.C.C. Cadetship and submitted it to the N.C.C. officer of the school along with my father’s consent. My joy knew no bounds when the list of the boys who had been selected for admission to N.C.C. troupe of the school was put up on the notice board as it contained my name.

Now I would like to say why I was so keen to become a N.C.C. Cadet looks very smart and active in his N.C.C. uniform. He looks very different from and much superior to the boys who are wearing ordinary uniform gives the cadet a strong feeling that he is a disciplined soldier of the motherland. No doubt, it is a feeling himself. He looks upon himself as a humble servant of humanity. It may seem to be paradoxical, but it is very true that in spite of feeling important, the N.C.C. Cadet always feels humble.

My second reason for having a desire to become a N.C.C. Cadet was that a N.C.C. Cadet got opportunity to participate in Participating in such a function when I salute the president of India in passing out parade on 26th Jan. I shall feel very proud. How happy I shall feel when relating my experience of it to the members I shall along with other Cadet stand 9n a line at the gate of my school and give a warm welcome by standing at attention to the worthy Education Officer and the members of his team.

N.C.C. training is virtually training in discipline and obedience to laws. The ideal of the service of the nation become his cherished goal. It is also a training in leadership, In everyday morning prayer in the school, it is the N.C.C. Cadet who commands the parade. There is force in his command, since he himself is a picture of discipline and order.

N.C.C. training paves the way for a good carrier in Navy. Air Forces and Military. If a N.C.C. Cadet is able to pass the written test he is always given preference at the time of interview for being selected. It is my burning wish that I should join military and serve the nation in the capacity of a distinguished soldier and I am sure my training as a N.C.C. Cadet will certainly help me.


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