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Essay on “My Village” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Village

My name is Mohit Verma. The name of my village is Jind. It is the biggest village in Haryana. There are about 150o houses in my village.

Its population is about 45000. The chief occupation is agriculture. A pucca road passes through our village.

Morning and evening, people are always busy in fields, preparing the lands, manuring it, feeding the cattle and harvesting.

Some of them take weaving and spinning. Some are engaged in cottage industries.

Some of the houses are pucca but most of the houses are built of mud. There is an intermediate college and a Junior High School in the village.

There are five temples in it. There are two Bank in it. Middle class families lives here.

The villagers have love for education. But a very few boys read there. Instead of reading, they work in their fields. There is a small dispensary in our village. There is also a post office in my village.

My people lead a simple and happy life. They enjoy a good health. Real life is there in them. They are honest.

My village is making progress. I like it. I pray to God to give them moral courage so that they may lead a happy life.


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