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Essay on “My Pet” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

My Pet

All children, and even grown ups, are fond of keeping pets. Some have fishes,  cats, rabbits and parrots at their pets. I have a dog for a pet.

The name of my pet is Tarzan. He is a ferocious dog. He is a  big dog and has large bright eyes.

I got my dog from my cousin. He was going abroad and wanted a good home for his dog who was then a puppy. I was only too happy to volunteer and that is how I got Tarzan.  

Targan is dark brown In colour and barks very loudly at all strangers. Even the postman and other delivery men are scared of coming inside our house. In fact when Tarzan is in the premises of the house.

Tarzan loves to eat bread, meat and drink milk. It accompanies me for my walks and enjoys barking at other dogs. I always put Tarzan on a leash so that the passerby’s do not get scared or traunatised.

I bathe it daily with dog soap and also comb its hair- coat. Tarzan is a clean dog and never spoils the house.

Essay No. 2

My Pet Dog

A pet is a source of pleasure. But my pet dog Moti is also a source of security and protection. No other animal is as sincere and faithful as the dog. The dogs have been in the service of man since the dawn of civilization. Originally  the dog was as wild as the wolf. And it is a matter of research how it came to be domesticated.

Moti is an Alsatian. This type of dogs are also called German Shepherds. For some a pet dog is a status symbol, but for me my Moti is a necessity. I cannot think or my life without him. I came to possess it there years back. Then it was a little puppy of four moths. In our neighbour lived Mr. Aditya. He was a great canine lover. When he was transferred to Mumbai from here, he gave it to me as a gift.      

Moti is of medium height. It has a curved bushy tail sharp liquid eyes, strong jaws and nimble feet. It has grown wonderfully strong and can easily be the envy of many dog – lovers. I have taken great pains in training my dog. Its doggie manners are to be seen not to be believed. It has impeccable manners are to be seen not to be for toilet, it makes a peculiar cry resembling a moan. My Moti can sit, stand, run and fetch things as commanded.

Most part of the day Moti can be seen about our house. We seldom chain him in our presence he is calm and gentle. But no stranger can approach our house as he is so ferocious in his barking. It never jumps upon our beds or sofas. He faithfully obeys the command given. He recognizes friends and the postman who visits us almost regularly.

I feed Moti with bread, biscuits, milk, etc. but I never give him meat. Thus my Moti is totally vegetarian. He also enjoys rice and curry. I never give him sweets for they would spoil his splendid coat of hair. I take him out for a long walk in the morning and evening. He keeps me company when I go for a walk. We also play together with a ball and stick. We feel quite secure and safe because of the presence of Moti.

Essay No. 3

My Pet Dog

Each day as I return form school I am greeted by my pet dog Pluto his big brown eyes light up with joy. He barks excitedly as he takes the strap of my water bottle in his mouth and runs in to inform mother that I have come.

Pluto is a brown Labrador. My father gifted him to me on my  birthday. He loves to dig and bury bones in the garden. True to his breed- The Retriever, he later takes it out and eats it. He is very faithful.. no outsider can enter our house. He barks so loudly that we  all know there is someone at the gate. He doesn’t bite, but his huge size scares people. When any of us are ill, he sits at our bedside looking sad.

Most part of the day he sleeps and remains awake at night to guard the house. He makes a good watchdog. The water pond in our garden is his favourite playing spot. He jumps in whenever he feels hot and plays in the water. My mother gets very angry with him. She now has extra work to dry and brush him. My parents regularly take him to the vet to have him de-wormed once in three months.

He is also given vaccinations and anti- rabies injections. We regularly remove all parasites and keep him clean to remain healthy. After all the love and the joy he gives us, this is the least we can do for him. Pluto loves to eat fruits like apples and bananas. He is an unusual dog.

My mother makes soup for him with green vegetables, chicken and rice every day. He loves milk and special dog biscuits for breakfast. Some days he eats eggs too. He is my best buddy and makes me laugh all the time. I love my pet and he will remain my best friend forever

Essay No. 4

The Pet I Would Like to Have

Having a pet of your own is one of the life’s greatest pleasures. The dog has been man’s best friend for ages and there is no animal which is as faithful as dog.

I  have a pet dog named Rocky. It belongs to the Dobermann  Pinscher breed. It is black in colour with a shade of golden fur on its neck and chest. It was only one month old when Dad brought it home. The first time I saw it, I was just thrilled with joy. The bonding that developed there has, since then, continued unbroken.

Rocky plays with me and accompanies me in my morning walks. The very sight of its bright eyes and wagging tail brightens up my day. Despite being playful and friendly, it is very obedient and take my instructions without any complaints. The sight of a stranger at night brings out the soldier in Rocky and he starts barking ferociously, to scare him away.

Rocky is allowed entry into our home , but it never jumps on the sofa or destroys anything. It has wonderful toilet habits and loves to be bathed and groomed regularly. Once a week, I feed him meat. He also relishes bread, biscuits and cakes.

I know that a dog’s life span is very short , so very soon it would have to leave me. Yet I keep praying to God to let it be with me forever.


Essay No. 05


My Pet Dog

Children are fond of having pets. Some children have fishes, parrots, cats or rabbits as their pets. I, however, have a pet dog.

The name of my pet dog is Caesar. It is a ferocious dog. It is very big in size. It has fearful large bright eyes.

I bought my pet dog from a dog shop. At that time, it was only a little pup. I brought it home and nurtured it like a human child. Now, it is a full-grown dog.

 Its colour is black and on a dark night, it looks to be a mysterious figure while loitering and jumping in the courtyard of our house.

It barks very loudly and strangers are very afraid of it.  Its presence means death to thieves, if any. In fact, when it is there in the courtyard of the house, no thieves or burglars dare think of trespassing the premises of our house .

It eats meat most deliciously. It also likes milk. It is, however, not so much fond of bread.

It accompanies me to the park when I go there. There it plays with me. As I throw the ball at some distance, it rushes to catch it and brings it back in no time. I also take it with me when I go out for the morning and evening walks in the fields.

I bathe it daily with dog soap and then comb its hair-coat. It also loves cleanliness and never spoils the floor, beds or clothes have built a small kennel for it in a corner of my house where it spends much of its time. It is very powerful and swift in action and other dogs of the street are very afraid of it


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