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Essay on “My Grandmother is an Asset to the Family” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Grandmother is an Asset to the Family

My grandmother is more than sixty years of age. Still she has a good health and sound mind. She is religious minded and god fearing. But she is not orthodox in the traditional sense of the word. If any child in the family is assailed by a disease, she does not approve of Tantric treatment for it. She makes a reasonable distinction between Allopathic and Ayurevedic systems of treatment No doubt she has preference for the latter but if allopathic treatment is thought to be more useful in case of certain disease, she readily agrees to it. However, she considers prevention better diet and exercise to keep illness at an arm’s length.

She has a sound understanding of home affairs. She never allows the budget of the family become in balanced. She has an assertive voice and even grandfather and father cannot overrule her. She gets respect from everybody in the house, but she does not misuse it. Everybody knows that she will support a just cause, so he is afraid of adopting a wrong course. Because of her patronizing and affection attitude everybody is devoted to her.

She can be rightly said to the caretaker of the family. She is harsh to those who do not concentrate their minds on studies. It is due to her watchfulness that every child in the family reads from three to four hours daily. All of us are good at studies. We always pass well in the quarterly and annual examinations. Grandmother pays occasional visits to our schools so that she may get a first hand report of our activities in school. All our teacher look upon her as a good hearted, reasonable old lady. So they welcome her and give her a patient hearing. Something she makes very useful suggestions which are thankfully accepted by my teachers.

Although she is illiterate, she is an adept in reasoning and takes active part in all important discussions in the family. She has at her finger tips a large number of anecdotes. She is a very sweet study teller. She relates a story with all possible dramatic. Before going to sleep we make request to her to relate interesting stories. She is always obliging.

She is very daring. She is never desperate even in the sot difficult6 situations. She quotes and example of Lord Rama and Mata sita to carry home her point that misfortunes befall only the good people and they should be faces as Rama and Sita faced them. She always tells us to remember the teach9ng of the gita. She tells us very convincingly that we should have firm faith in God and leave the cowards. The brave should always keep a cool mind both in prosperity and adversity.

Some old women become a curse for their families. They develop an irritable temperament and create a lot of full over simply matters in the family. But at is not the case with my grandmother. She is an asset to the family, as she believes in solving the problems rather than creating them. She does not believe in fate. She believes in making efforts in the right direction. She has a great spirit of self sacrifice. She is always there to suffer hardship for the sake of others. She suffers so that others may enjoy. Ladies of the neighborhood come to her for advice and guidance. May she live long with sound health and happy mind!


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