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Essay on “My Grandmother” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Grandmother

A grandson is the light of the eyes of a grandmother. She watches its movements and pranks with all the love and affection of the world in her eyes. She looks at its face with the hope of a very bright future for it. She puts a black mark on its forehead to waive of the evil effect of the shadow of malignant eyes. As the young one grows the grandmother starts weaving dreams at the end of the months a bright future for it.

The first phase of her dreams is regarding the success of the child at the lever of its schooling. The grandmother thinks to herself that she will personally attend to the needs of the boy before he leaves for his school. She will make sure that he has taken his breakfast, dressed himself properly and put books and other reading and writing material into his satchel. She will accompany him to the school gate in the early stage.

 At home, she will help him in doing his home task. She will visit his teachers to find out how he is doing with his studies. She will very much wish that he should figure at the top in the tests and annual to herself the moment when the result of his secondary examination will be out. He will stand first in the Board’s examination and a press reporter will come to take her grandson’s interview and the contents of their questions and his at the end of the months will be published up the newspapers along with his photograph.

Her second dream is that her grandson should do his premedical course from a good college with flying colors. However, she is against sending him to a foreign country for higher education. She is afraid that the possibility of his settling in a  foreign country after qualifying himself as a fully fledged doctor cannot be ruled out. She cannot afford to separate him from his hearth and home and dear and near ones.

She thinks of the day when he will pass him M.B.S.S. Examination from a first rate medical college. Herein also she would wish him to get his degree in first division. She wishes that her grandson should be selected for a really good job in a first rank govt. hospital where he may treat the poor blessings for her grandson to have powers to cure them most complicated cases.

This is not the end of the grandmother’s dream. She is also thinking of a most beautiful and intelligent wife for her grandson. When her mind turns to it the vision of a glamorous marriage ceremony comes to her mind. She tries to keep all the dreams to herself but sometimes, when her mind guest out of her control, she says lovingly my darling is destined to become a doctor and to marry a fairy one day.


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