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Essay on “Aero Plane-its Beneficial and Harmful ” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Aero Plane-its Beneficial and Harmful 

The invention of aero plane has proved of great value to mankind. It has cut the distance very short and has also made the journey very comfortable. Compare the speed of the aero plane with that of a bullopck cart, horse, train or ship. The aero plane has an upper hand over everything else. We do not find it at all inconvenient to make journey to countries that are thousands of miles away and there is cast expanse of sea between the mind our country.

Aero plane are the fastest means of carrying mail from one country to another. Wounded soldiers can be brought comfortably from the battle fronts to hospitals. Aero plane are also used to carry cargo of fruits and other things as well as newspapers from one contrition another. Aero planes are used to drop food for people who have become entrapped in marooned areas at the time of floods.

I wish that there could be stick checking of passengers before they board an aero plane. I can well realize the feelings of the passengers who are in a hijacked aero plane. They give us all hopes of escape. They pray to god for His mercy. Some of them have nervous breakdown as they look into the blood thirsty eyes of the hijackers.

In the present times there have been a number of cases of aero plane hijacking. Only the passengers who have seen the horror of hijacking and impending death know how terrible are the moments in which they hang between life and death.

We should also give a minute to the thought what the world would have been like without the aero plane. It would have looked much less advanced and uncomfortable.

Journeying by aero plane is the most convenient thing. It is also the fastest and the most romantic thing. Had the invention of aero plane not been made we would have looked upon birds as out superior. The dream of reaching the moon could also not be entertained. In fact, the invention of aero plane has broadly widened man’s outlook.


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