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Essay on “My Favourite Story” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Favourite Story

Child is found of hearing stories by nature. We find maternal grandmothers telling stories to children. I am also one of them I have read many stories. A story is always interesting. After some time we forget some stories. But there are also such stories which  mark a great impression on a person. Among such stories ‘ A Poor Honest Wood- Cutter’ is remarkable and impressive.

There was a wood – cutter in a village. He was very poor. He used to cut wood in the forest. In the evening he used to sell the bundle of wood. Cost of wood- bundle was the earning of poor man. He had a small family yet he could not save any money for rainy days. Once the wood – cutter was cutting wood with his river. The river was deep. The wood- cutter did not know how to swim. He had no money to buy a new axe. He tried his best to think a plan to find as axe. He had no way but to weep. He began to weep in sorrow.

On that spot a water-god lived there. He felt pity. He came to wood- cutter and asked him, why was he weeping ? the wood cutter told the whole matter. His axe was in the river. He could not get it. He could not purchase new axe. The water-god dived into the water and came out with a silver axe. He asked him, ‘Is this year axe? The Wood – cutter replied, ‘No sir, it is not my axe. The water god dived again and came out with a golden axe. Showing it he asked the wood- cutter. The poor man again refused saying that it was not his axe. He did not like to take this golden axe. The wood- cutter was still sad. He was waiting for his own axe.

At last the water-god brought the iron- ace in the third dive. The wood – cutter saw the iron –axe and said to the water – god, “it is my axe. I shall be highly obliged if you give me this axe.” The water- god was very pleased. He had taken the test of the wood- cutter’s honesty. He gave all the three axes to the wood – cutter. He blessed him.

Now the wood- cutter was happy. He thanked the god. The god disappeared. The wood – cutter went to market and sold the two axes- silvery and golden. Thus he got a lot of money. He started a business with honesty. Due  to honesty he became a famous big businessman. He used to help the poor. He did not forget his poor life. it gave him an inspiration for doing good works.


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