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Essay on “My Diary” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Extracts from My Diary

20th Sept.

Our bus has reached Sanatan Dharam High School, Srinagar. The school is closed on account of Dussehra holidays. The peon points out to us the rooms that are at our disposal. We move our luggage to our respective rooms. We are eight boys and two teachers in our room. We roll out our beddings and have comfortable feel warm in quilts and aspire for tea. Tea and biscuits came up to ten 0’ clock and then go to sleep.

21st Sept.

We get up at 5 a.m., attend to the  call of nature, we take our bath in cold water which cuts into the body. We fell fresh and warm after the bath. Boys and teachers assemble in front of the school building. We move to a restaurant and take our breakfast. Our teacher in charge of the tour comes with a bus. We board the bus. We have a programmed to go to Gander bal. The bus moves on the road. We feel hilarious to see the apple and apricot gardens on nature. We seen a big rock of ice. We are told by a person there that some shots of Davender Goel’s picture Dosti were taken ther. We return to Srinagar take tea and snacks and go to Chashma Shani We appreciate the beauty of the gaudy flowers and return to the place of our stay in the evening.

We enjoy our supper at a vegetarian hotel and are free to move about We acquaint ourselves with the various bazaars of the city.

At night our teacher tell us about the various places that are to be visited during our stay in Kashmir.

22nd Sept.

We have our breakfast. Our bus take sus to a place where ponies are available to reach Gulmarge. It is my first experience to ride on a pony. I feel a bit nervous at the jerks, but soon adjust myself. We reach the destination in nearly two hours. We walk a distance of more than one mile to reach the mountain which has flakes of ice on it. We pick up the flakes and play with them. We return tour base place and our bus brings us back to Srinagar.

23rd Sept.

We are overzealous to see the Nishant and Shalimar gardens We reach the Nishnt gardens first. It is really a very beautiful garden. It reminds us of the Mugal emperors who were great lovers of gardens. We sit in the lawn and have group photographs. A party of visitor from Bombay joins us. We have very pleasant time. Shalimar gardens are only a bit different from Nishant gardens. The fragrance of flowers us.


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