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Essay on “A Juggler’s Show” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Juggler’s Show

A juggler is a common and familiar figure in every town and village of India. He can be seen showing has tricks at the street corner, at the crossing of roads and particularly in village fairs.

He puts on a typical dress. He wears a loose dress. He wears a loose garment with a multi colored turban on his head. He carries on his shoulders a peculiar bag or basket containing various things as wooden balls, iron rings, cups, strings and a pair of specially prepared cards. Besides these, he has a magic rod, a flute and a small drum. He keeps with him a young lad, generally known as “Zamoora” to assist him in his work. He is as clever and funny as his master.

A few shrill notes on his flute and the sharp sound of his drum attract a good deal of people around him. His introductory talk with the show boy is quite amusing and funny and sends the spectators into bursts of laughter.

He then begins his performances’ He begins to show his popular tricks and sleighs of hand. He takes out a pack of cards and shows some of common tricks. He changes kings into queens and queens into jacks. He places a pinch of dust on the palm of his hand, rubs it with the magic rod and produces a shining silver rupee instead. He goes on multiplying them till a stream of rupees falls down out of his hand. He gives those rupees to the spectators. But as soon as some persons put forth their surprise, their hands. Then be begins to chew and swallow paper bits and he puts his mouth and draws out a chain or reel of colored paper,.

The Ring Trick is also a special feat of the juggler. He borrows a ring from a gentlemen standing nearby. He ties it in a handkerchief and sends a man throw in into the well. The man throws it into the well. As soon as the returns the juggler out the same ring tied in the same handkerchief. What a thief we have caught today! He remarks. The juggler then returns to ring to its owner. The Rope trick swallowing of glass bits are some of his amusing tricks.

In the end he spread a sheet of cloth on the ground and humbly appeals for almost. The spectators give money while the juggler blesses them. He collects the money and makes his way and goes to show tricks at another place.


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