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Essay on “Modern – Day Advertisement” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Modern – Day Advertisement


Modern advertisement is about selling images not products. The advertiser links the image of a woman or successful star to his product and blinds the people.

The environment plays a very important role in advertising. In an advertisement, situated in the forest, there is a girl who has a baseball glove on and the caption says, “This girl can catch”. The product is for clothes. But they aren’t just any clothes, which make you feel natural and that you can be yourself . instead of being a pretty little girl and wearing dresses and not playing baseball, this girl wears shorts and a shirt and is playing baseball, therefore she feels good warning whatever she wants. The environment plays an important part in this advertisement because it is showing this girl can be herself, be natural. The environment is a forest, which symbolizes a natural environment. The environment can give meaning to the advertisement and tell the story in some cases.

Advertisements are not the same without features and symbols. Gestures can be a simple hand movement or how a person is sitting. All gestures have symbolic meanings. Gestures can be facial expressions, body language. Gestures and symbols communicate to the audience what the advertisement is about. It associates the product with meaning. Symbols are objects; these are there to make the product look better than anything else on the market. Which will attract the public to buy.

Customer care numbers explode onto our screen. This of course is aimed at guys who are honry and want  to ring these numbers and talk to girls. On the advertisement the girls are all beautiful, wearing bathing suits and hanging out in spas. Of course this just an image trying to sell and endorse phone sex. Their gestures are important because they are referring  to be living without a care in the world. The way they lie in the spas or on the beds indicates they are relzed and restful, this appeals to men. The symbols in this advert are definitely what they are on, i.e.: spas, pools or beds. This specifies  that these girls live in a perfect and carefree world. 

A perfect example of appealing to an audience is the notorious Nescafe advertisement. This consist of a man and woman who meet each other over a cup of Nescafe. There is emotion involved and this draws the audience in. There is  a sequence of ads in this story and the audience is drawn in so much that when there is the nest sequence they are practically glued to the television to know how it ends. The advertisement is selling Nescafe not the product itself. It is all in the mind, the public see an ugly person turn beautiful by a new hair dye, they go out and buy it because it is in their mind to do that. This is called psychographics. The person is not in control of their body because they have been brainwashed by the advertisement that they will be beautiful once they buy the product. 

Modern life is both stressful and boring. Advertisers exploit this felling of discontent by selling images of beautiful people who lead an exciting and carefree life.


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