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Essay on “Kashmir Problem – An Unending” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Kashmir Problem – An Unending

Three times  India and Pakistan have gone to war over Kashmir, now that both of them have acquired nuclear capabilities the possibility of a nuclear war in the sub-continent is a distinct possibility.

Kashmir is famous for its natural beauty and has often been referred to as the “Switzerland of the East”. “ The population according to latest data exceeds that fourteen million inhabitants”. The heart of the area is the fertile Valley of Kashmir, which lies between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal mountain range. Here the climate is mild and the soil well watered.

The partition of India continent, as was to be expected, did not resolve the problem of two communities. Instead of ending the Hindi-Muslim conflict, the division of the country merely elevated the inter- community blood bath into inter- state rivalry. By the time India was partitioned, considerable venom had been injected into the body politic of both countries. Partition itself was accompanied by some of the worst carnage in India history and all semblance of goodwill, decency, and sanity disappeared.

Pakistani authorities did not accept the partition of Kashmir and objected the decision made by Viceroy. Ultimately they decided to fight. In the first war that was fought in 1948, Pakistan gained a slice western and northern Kashmir, but the main territory’s core  remained under Indian control. Since then both nations have fought several wars and remained locked today in bitter animosity and has caused an extreme political instability in the region. The two has caused an extreme political instability in the region . the two main wars between these two nations were fought in 1965 and 1971 respectively. These two wars, accompanied by several battles  and extreme ecchange of military attacks on the line of control (active border between India and Pakistan) are the outgrowth of the burning issue of Kashmir. These two wars resulted as serious political tensions, economic disaster and loss of property and lives. These two wars proved as nightmares for the inhabitants of this  region and stopped the development of the two nations that is why, the region is one of the poorest region in the world. India government has always blamed Pakistan for its involvement in  terrorist movements. On numerous occasions India had provided the evidence of the terrorist activities supported by the Pakistan. The evidence of the terrorist activates supported by the Pakistan. Pakistan has supported the terrorist by imparting training given by their army and the ISI. Encroachments by the terrorist in Kargil area of the Kashmir were foolproof evidence of the high scale terrorist activity by the Pakistan, that too at a time when the then Prime Minister of India has taken a bus to Pakistan as a confidence building measure (CBM).

On the other side, Pakistani government thinks that it owns Jammu and Kashmir. Though they haven’t recognized that they are supporting  freedom fighters in Jammu and Kashmir, in fact they provide them some ammunition and moral support. This resulted in extreme violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan is spending huge money from its annual budget on Kashmir and on its defence despite the fact that Kashmir is not under its control. Similarly, “India government is spending 10.7 per cent of its annual budget for its defence in Kashmir”

While South Asia grapples with the existence of nuclear weapons, ethnic conflict, terrorism , and other threats, it also affords new opportunities for market reform, growth of democratic inspirations, and closer ties with the united States. In the fourth month of 1999, when both nations conducted nuclear tests, the situation has become tenser and has produced a threat of nuclear war in the region. Many experts and intellectuals have pointed the region as the battlefield of the next world war that might be a nuclear war. That is why, united Nations trying to resolve this matter and stabilize the political situation of South Asia.

Since 1948, United Nation has tried to solve the tense situation many times , but it has not been able to resolve the dispute. Many experts criticize that UN hasn’t played a sufficient role to resolve the dispute. Security Council and  General assembly have passed twenty resolutions but all in vain and couldn’t reach a peaceful settlement. The Security Council promised a referendum, in the form of a plebiscite, to the people of Kashmir in 1948.

To resolve this burning issue it is necessary that both India and Pakistan should sit across the table and resolve the issue amicably. In recent times the efforts pushed by the then Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee are very commendable and has been lauded by the world leaders. And the present Manmohan Singh government is also making peace its best efforts to bring peace to the sub-continents.


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