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Essay on “Memorable occasion in Your life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe Some Memorable occasion in Your life

Accidents and incidents are always happening in our day to day life. Some of them are so normal that they do not leave behind any memory or mark. But some happenings are so important that they become unforgettable. For the purpose of relating. I shall choose two occasions of my life, one is happy and the other is a sad one.

When I was reading in seventh class, our English teacher gave us home task with the warning that the defaulters would be taken to severe task. I was unable to don the home task due to my inability to grasp the topic. Next day, when the teacher looked into my face, there were thick drops of tears in my eyes. The wise teacher guessed my plight. He put his hand on my shoulder, took me in such a way that I was able to answer them and the whole topic was clear to me like daylight. After that day I was able to prepare every topic very nicely. I became topmost boy in the class. The memory of that day is the happiest memory of my life and I wish such a day top come in every student’s life.

I was riding a cycle with a friend of mine on the carrier. We were going through the Chandni Chowk. We were near the fountain and the cycle was moving at a good speed. I was carelessly chatting with my friend wand was quite indifferent to the vehicular traffic going on the road. While my cycle was proceeding, a truck, loaded to capacity, was coming from the Gurudwara side and a tonga was taking turn at the crossing opposite the Kotwali. Our cycle ran between the two and got sandwiched. There was a crash. I felt stunned. M y eyes got dazzled and I cannot say what happened. The tonga broke into pieces, the horse was dead and my friend lay unconscious. The passengers of the tonga were badly hurt. I was the only unfortunate person standing safe and sound looking with motionless eyes at that scene of disaster. Things took their usual course and I looked puzzled and horrified. Whenever the memory of this incident comes to my mind even now,  a shudder runs downy back and I am spell bound for some time.


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