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Essay on “Management of Time” , “Time Management” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Time Management


Management of Time

There is no gainsaying against the dictum that time is precious: It is-also commonly said that time files or time is fleeting. “Time and tide wait for none” is a well -known saying.

In the cosmic order time is unlimited and infinite. But in this world, on earth, we have a life span which comprises only a few decades. In this short period we try to do so many things. We are born ; we grow up ; we get education ; we get married ; we have children, we have to struggle for livelihood and life of our own and that of members of our family and so on. At last we grow old and we die. This is what our life is and what we are.

In such a case, we cannot take life lightly. Of course, we need some time for laughter, fun, entertainment and amusement. But most of the time we have to remain serious as we have to work hard and seriously. It is because only hard, well-planned and serious work can achieve our goal.

We also have to get training in various fields and we should not fight shy of it. We should do everything at the right time. We must be punctual and regular in our work.

There is no doubt that if we always go on looking at our watch and feel despondent if a single moment is wasted, we can get no happiness, but only tension. A life of stress and strain is no life. One wants joy, happiness, peace and contentment in life.

The best way is to chalk out a definite plan for every activity in life. Then we can lead a balanced life which can be alternated between work and rest, activity and amusement.


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