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Essay on “Maharana Pratap” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Maharana Pratap

Lives of great men, all remind us,

We can make our lives sublime.             – Longfellow

There is no Indian who has not heard the name of Maharana Pratap. The lives of all the great men remind us that we can make our lives sublime. Brave men are always honoured and remembered fin all the ages and in  all countries. We always find  inspiration from the life and history of great persons. Indian History is full of different national heroes who devoted their life for their motherland. Pratap  was born in famous Shishodia family.

Maharana Pratap was one of the greatest patriots of our country. He was not only the pride and glory of Rajasthan but also of the whole country. He was the ruler of Mewar. He was the son of Rana Udai Singh and the grandson of great Rana Sanga. Rana was a great warrior, a brave Rajput and a true patriot.

Maharana Pratap was undoubtedly, the bravest soldier of his time. He never feared of death. He fought  bravely against the mighty army of Mughals. He stood firm life a rock in the midest of all dangers. He had a high sense of self – respect. It was his love for the country that he fought against the mighty Mughal Empire. He sacrificed everything for the freedom of his motherland. He never surrendered his freedom in the hands of Akbar.

The life of Rana Pratap was a long story of sufferings and difficultires. He was completely defeated in the battle of Haldi Ghati. He had to take refuge in the Aravalli Hills with his family and some of his followers. He passed a very hard life there. He wandered from place in the hills. He had to sleep on the ground and eat wild fruits, leaves and the roots of the trees. Sometimes he and the members of his family had to go without food. But Rana remained firm in the midst of all these troubles.

After the death of his father (Udai Singh), Rana Pratap ascended the throne. He took a vow to take Chittor back from Akbar. Once Man Singh wanted Rana Take food with him but Rana Pratap refused to take meal with him. This made Man Singh angry. Man Singh told Akbar to attack.

Rana Pratap heard of the invasion. He went with his army to Haldighati. There the Rajputs and Mughals fought a hand to hand fight. Rana Pratap led his army. He wore the royal helmet. He was mounted on his famous horse, Chetak. He scattered the Mughal army. He attacked Salim who was sitting on his elephant. Such fearlessness and heroism had never been seen. Even his enemies praised him. Soon the tide of battle turned. The Rajputs were defeated. Rana’s life was in great danger. A Shishodia Chief saw this. He exchanged his helmet with that of the Rana. The Mughals took the chief to be Rana. He was surrounded by the enemies, while Pratap escaped. In fact, he never wanted to do that. He had too do so against his will.

Rana Pratap had to go to the Aaravalli Hills. He remained there with his family and some faithful Rajputs. Here Rana suffered many difficulties. Sometimes, he did not get meal for his children. But he did not surrender. With the  help of Bhama shah, Rana reorganized his troops and won back a part of his kingdom.

Every Indian feels proud of Rana Pratap. Every Nation would be proud be proud of producing a son like Rana Pratap. He is cherished even today as one of the greatest sons of India by historians and laymen alike. He will always be remembered as a national hero.


Essay No. 2

Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was a great warrior and patriot in the regime of Mughal emperor Akbar.

He took a vow to get back Chittor. A great battle was fought at Haldighati. The great Mughal army under the command of Man Singh and Prince Salim fought with Rana Pratap and his brave soldiers. Rana and his soldiers fought bravely to the last man. But at last they lost the field.

Maharana Pratap was born in the family of shishodia Rajputs. His father Udai singh was a man of character. Other Rajputs had given their daughters to Akbar. But Udai Singh did not do so. To avoid fight with Akbar he left Chittor.

Rana Pratap took a vow to make Chittor free from Mughals. He had now to run from the place with his queen and children. He passed his bad days in the forests away from sharp eyes of Akbar. They ate wild fruits and sometimes had no food for a number of days. It throws light on his sufferings. Once the little princess was crying for good. The queen had nothing to prepare any food. In helplessness she prepared some loaves of grass and wild fruits. They ate the loaves and put one of them under a piece of stone for the princess who was sleeping. When she woke and began to eat the princess who was sleeping. When the woke and began to eat loaf, a wild cat took the loaf away from her hand. There was no other loaf.  The princess began to cry.

Now Rana Pratap decided to write as letter to Akbar. He wanted to surrender before him. But just then his old and faithful minister. Bhama Shah came to him and placed all wealth at his feet. He asked Rana to prepare a new Army to fight with Akbar.


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