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Essay on “Chhtrapati Shivaji” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Chhtrapati Shivaji


Shivaji was one of the greatest patriots of India whom the countrymen will not gorged as long as the sun is there in the sky.

He was born on Feb. 19, 1630. The name of his father was Shahaji Bhosle and the name of his mother was Jilabai. He was greatly influenced by his mother who was a highly religious lady. Dada Konda Dev was his guru.

Shivaji was a lover of martial arts and riding, wrestling, etc. even in his early boyhood. He also loved reading and writing. He was very fond of religious discourse and he daily listened to the sweet, enlightening religious hymns.

He was a great patriot who rejected the cruel Mughal rulers. The fanatic Aurangzeb was then the emperor.

He was just the ring leader of some die hard young men, but his influence on them was such that he turned his followers into a veritable army and started the process of capturing forts. Fort after fort fell before him and his brave young boys.

In order to teach a lesson to Shivaji, the ruler of Bijapur sent a huge army of 10,000 soldiers under Afzal Khan. But the latter was killed by Shivaji and many of his men were captured by him.

Later, Aurangzeb sent Shaista Khan. But he too was overpowered by Shivaji. However, at last Shivaji was captured by Aurangzeb’s men. He was brought to Agra and imprisoned there. But Shivaji and his son, Sahu escaped in the baskets of sweets which were taken out from the prison by the servants.


Shivaji conquered many areas and his kingdom comprised a big territory. He was crowned Chatrapati in 1674. He breathed his last in 1680.

Shivaji’s main plank at least at the initial stages, was a guerrilla war. He was as shrewd and tactful as his enemy. But unlike the latter, he was not cruel.

He never tortured the captured soldiers. In particular, He was highly respectful to women. He did not harm them in any way but also protected their honour at all costs. He also gave full attention to the navy besides infantry He worshiped the goddess Bhawani.


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