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Essay on “Life in a College” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Life in a College


Life in a college has a pleasure of its own. It is the most interesting part of one’s life.  A college student moves about freely like a prince.  He is the real lord of his own self. He is a free bird moving about in a world of his own.  He is the master of his own fate and a lord of himself.  He has the energy, intelligence and the will to go up in life.  He has bubbling enthusiasm and his overflowing energies need to be channelized.  For the first time in his life, he finds himself facing the battle of life on his own risk and responsibility.  It is a challenging period and he jumps into it with all hope and excitement.

                College life is entirely different from life at school.  In the school, the student is only a dumb drive cattle.  He has no individuality  of his own.  He has no say in his own life. He is badly under the spell of his teachers.  He is only like a passenger travelling in a boat rowed by others.  It is in the college that he stands on his own feet for the first time.

                When a student first enters a college, he finds himself in an entirely  different atmosphere.  It is a great thrill to be in a college.  A newcomer to a college is confused by the entirely atmosphere.  There is no fear of the frowning eyes of the school-masters.  Nobody punishes him when he has not done his home-work.  A student in the college is all himself.  Teachers are there simply to guide the students.  They behave like friends.  Those who feel that it is their responsibility to work hard, do well in life, while others fare badly.

                This period in the life of man is very important.  Those who make a proper use of this period make their careers.  But those who merely believe in enjoying life in colleges ruin themselves.  There are students who run after every pleasure that college life provides.  But there are others who work hard and whose aim is to gain something from the college.

                A college provides excellent opportunities for the mind to grow.  Different subjects are taught in the college and a student is allowed to study the subject of his or her own choice. College life help In developing higher faculties.  It teaches the student much more than a mere study of books does.  But all this can happen if the energies of a student run in the proper channels.  If a student wastes his energies in useless activities, he is sure to ruin himself.  A student in the college is at full liberty to direct his energy in whatever way he likes.  In the college, there are clubs, societies, games, meetings and many other activities of interest.  A student can learn many things from these activities if he has a mind for it.

                It is sad that many college students ruin themselves by acquiring certain bad habits.  No doubt college life is something very glorious but it should be enjoyed with full precautions.  It is the life which teaches how to face difficulties in later life.  A student’s aim at college should not be enjoyment only.  He should be fully aware of his duty towards his studies.  College life can be said to be enjoyable only if it makes us fit to live in the world.  It is an important period of our life in which we can make or mar our career.

                Thus college life is not merely a merry-go-round of pleasure.  It is a golden period of preparation, a golden period of practicing golden principles which brighten the whole future.  Let us, therefore, avail ourselves of this happy period of life and learn to be the makers of our fate and the captains of our soul.



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