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Essay on “An Ideal Citizen” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Ideal Citizen


Duties of an Ideal Citizen


Citizenship—Rights, and Duties


Rights and Duties go Together


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Essay No. 01


A citizen is a person who lives in a state and is governed by its laws in all matters.  An ideal citizen is an asset to a nation.  Countries are not good or bad but their citizens make them so.  Smugglers, lawbreakers, and people of bad character are also citizens of a country but they cannot be called ideal citizens.

                An ideal citizen is every inch a patriot.  Citizenship secures people a sense of security for their life and property.  In a democratic country like India, a citizen enjoys the right of voting in elections to public bodies.  He can himself stand as a candidate for election to the municipal committee of his town and legislative bodies of his country.  He can even stand for the office of the president of the country.

                A citizen enjoys several other advantages.  It is the duty of the state to provide him with employment as far as possible.

                A citizen enjoys several facilities.  The state provides him with essential services such as transport, the right of voting, electricity, hospitals, and schools for the education of his children.

                Modern states are welfare states.  They are supposed to look after the welfare of the citizens.  A citizen can stand up and fight for certain rights.

                On the other hand, a citizen has to carry out certain duties and responsibilities.  He is expected to obey the laws of his country.  He must be loyal to the state.  He or she must gladly offer his or her services to the state.  In times of war or a national emergency, a citizen should serve the country in any capacity he is called upon to serve.

                Every citizen must support the police and the administration in general in the maintenance of peace.  It is also the duty of all citizens to desist from creating disorder by communal riots.

                An ideal citizen tries to protect national property.  He makes the right use of the facilities provided to him. He tries to maintain communal harmony in the country.  He has a secular outlook.  He is tolerant towards all faiths.  He believes in the principle of peaceful co-existence.  ‘Live and let live is the guiding principle of his life.  He is honest and fair in his dealings.  He has a helpful attitude towards his fellow human beings.  He refuses to be tempted into corruption or dishonesty.  His life is an open book in honesty, diligence, and amiability.

                It is the duty of every citizen to be ready to offer his services for public duties.  It is the fundamental duty of a citizen to record his vote.  A citizen is also expected to take an active part in public affairs.  Another duty of a citizen is to pay taxes honestly.  If he evades these, the government has the right to realize the taxes by force.  An ideal citizen is ideal in his speech, conduct, and writing.  He is always ready to lay down his life for the sake of his country.  His country is a motherland to him and he loves her from the core of his heart.

                The greatness of a country depends not on its material resources, but on its men and women.  A nation is great if its citizens are great.  A poet has rightly said:


                “Not gold, but only men,

                Can make a nation strong and great;

                Men who for truth and honour’s sake

                Stand fast and suffer long.” 

Essay No. 02


An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is one, who gives utmost importance to his country and countrymen. He thinks about them first and then about himself. He thinks more about his duties than his rights.

An ideal citizen always thinks about the progress of his country. He has full political awareness. He knows what is good for his country and what is bad. He observes all his duties devotedly.

He never forgets to cast his vote. He considers the qualities of her candidate before casting his vote. No greeting can compel him to take a wrong decision.

An ideal citizen is above caste, creed, religion, and region. He works to help the poor and the downtrodden.

He is social and shares others’ problems. He never considers his personal interests superior to others. He always tries to protect national properties.

He is law-abiding. He pays his taxes honestly. He never encourages nepotism, corruption, dishonesty, favoritism, etc. He never pays or takes bribes. He believes in the law and order of the country.

He is aware of national and international affairs. So he does everything, he can do for his country.


Essay No. 03

An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is he who understands well both, his rights and his duties. An ideal citizen is always loyal to the country. At the time of national crisis or danger, he is prepared to sacrifice everything for his country. He does his duty without any selfish motive. He is prepared to shed his blood for her sake

An ideal citizen will always respect the right of other citizens. He never forgets that he is but one of the members of the society. He lives not only for himself but for the good of the whole society. He is not guided by personal interests.

A good citizen has great respect for the laws of the society. He has no sympathy for the breakers of law and anti-social elements. He never thinks of taking the law into his own hands. He uses his powers of speaking and writing to get unjust laws reformed. But so long as a law is a law, he has nothing but obedience to it.

An ideal citizen is not an inactive member of the society. He takes a keen interest in national affairs. He realizes the value of his vote and uses it for the good of the country. He never loses hope. He believes that life has a definite purpose. He is not indifferent to what is happening around him. He co-operates with his fellow citizens in promoting the welfare of the society.

An ideal citizen has self-control, common sense, knowledge, and devotion to duty. He is able to understand the real interests of the society. He never tries to force his will upon others, nor does he feel offended if others do not agree with him. He stands for the rights and welfare of all the citizens and resists injustice and cruelty with all his power.

In short, an ideal citizen contributes his best to establish a better end happier society for every member of it.

Essay No. 04

An Ideal Citizen

A person who discharges his duties towards his nation is called an ideal citizen. He casts his vote on time. He is free from bigotry. He is law-abiding. He is politically conscious and a patriot.

Duties form the most important part of an ideal citizen. A country confers upon its citizens certain rights and duties. An ideal citizen while making legitimate use of his rights consciously does his duty towards the nation. He is aware that what may be his duty could be someone else’s right and vice-versa. A person who insists upon his rights without paying due attention to his duties is not an ideal citizen.

The voting time comes every five years in India. This period may vary in other countries. An ideal citizen makes sure that he votes every time there is an election. He casts his vote according to the merits of the candidate. He makes sure that the candidate cares for the upliftment of the country and is honest hard-working and free from self-interest.

Bigotry is a disease that does not afflict the ideal citizen. He is above the caste and creed consideration. To him the national interest is paramount. He usually spends most of the time in the national interest. He works for the betterment of the society.

He is a law-abiding citizen. He follows the rules and regulations of the country. He files his tax returns on time. He believes in standing in queues for various public services like ration, tickets, etc. He does not bribe or encourage corruption. He does not show undue favour to people for material gains.

Political consciousness is a part of his personality. He is aware of the affairs of the nation. He supports his country whenever required. He does not support the unlawful acts of the government.

He loves his country and is a patriot. While going about his business he does not ignore the larger national interests. He makes correct use of civic amenities like roads, parks, railway stations, etc. He does not make them dirty or damage them

To conclude an ideal citizen is the one who realizes that any harm done to the country would affect the people. He is aware that in the absence of the country, there would not be any citizens.


Essay No. 05

An Ideal Citizen


The word “Idealism” has attained some disdainful connotations in the modern world. It is because of the nefarious designs and most heinous activities of those whom the people at large hold in high esteem and who have proved unworthy of the task assigned to them.



Even then, it should not be construed that all the people have lost their good qualities and virtues. The common man, whatever he may be, is still kind, patriotic, compassionate and self-sacrificing at heart.

He takes a balanced diet and also takes care of his health in every possible way, just as taking regular walks, exercising, etc.

He has no bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, drug consumption etc. But he takes an interest in healthy sports, and games both indoor and outdoor and may view healthy movies and serials.

As a shopkeeper

Still, it needs, not only good nature but some conscious efforts to be an ideal citizen. Thus, the first and foremost quality of an ideal citizen is that he is honest to the backbone, whatever his profession may be. He never cheats or lets others down. If he is a shopkeeper, he does not indulge in black-marketing nor does he give a short measure of goods sold by him.


An ideal employee truly gives the worth of the salary he gets from the employer. He works sincerely and honestly all the time during his duty hours. He never shirks work nor ever does he evade responsibilities. If ever an error is committed by him, he immediately informs his boss of it as soon as it is discovered or brought to his notice. He never tries to pass the buck on others for his own errors of omission or commission.


An ideal citizen is a highly disciplined person. He obeys his superiors giving full and genuine respect to them. Similarly, he never tries to bully those inferior to him. He may give them orders in a commanding manner, no doubt, but he never talks to them in a rude manner. He is full of politeness and consideration. He has a very high regard for others’ feelings and sentiments. Just as he is frank in giving his candid opinion, advice and suggestions to his superiors, he is likewise ready to accept others’ sound advice or suggestions with an open heart and for the benefit of all concerned.

Punctuality and regularity

An ideal citizen is a model of punctuality and regularity. If he is a student, he goes to his school or college punctually and attends every period. He does his homework regularly. He obeys his parents and teachers and has genuine respect and regard for them.

Social service

An ideal citizen has full consideration for the comfort and convenience of the senior citizens. He does everything within his means to help the aged, the children, the women, the handicapped and those in a helpless or disadvantageous position.


He is a very dynamic person and he tries to do social service and help others whenever and wherever he can and in whatever reasonable and legal way he can. He is ready to do small sacrifices for others such as paying small amounts to the needy, paying bus fares to those who forget their purses at home, etc.

He helps even the animals and birds if he finds them wounded or in distress.

If he sees any smouldering cigarette butt anywhere, he extinguishes it with his feet lest it should cause some fire. If he sees an open tap from which water is flowing freely for no purpose, turns it off.

An ideal citizen has a great civic sense. He does not spread pollution of any kind. He does not waste water, food, money or electricity.

Crime sense

An ideal citizen has the physical courage to face the bullies or those who harass the weak, the helpless and the infirm. He has the moral courage to own responsibility and accept his own shortcomings and point out others’ errors to them frankly.

National programmes

He helps in the national policies of controlling population, health programmes such as pulse polio, AIDS control, TB and malaria management, literacy, drug-trafficking control, blood donation and eye camps, raising funds for poor children, riot and war victims, etc.

He takes interest in schemes regarding pollution control, removal of poverty, eradication of dowry system, law and order problems, baggers problem, school drop-outs problem, etc.

Last but not least, he pays all his taxes regularly and persuades others also to do so. He helps in managing scams, scandals, etc.”

He may become a member of one or more societies that work in national, human and social interests with such aims as “bio-diversity mapping, effects of pollution on the surface as well as groundwater resources, conservation of existing wetlands, forests and wildlife, economic valuation of natural resources and disaster management and environmental awareness among masses.”

Essay No. 06

An Ideal Citizen

An ideal citizen is one who thinks of one’s country first, community, family and self-follow next. He is duty conscious. He does not ask what the country gives him but what he gives to his country. Duties are the most important part of an ideal citizen.

He is politically conscious. He is not a bigot. He casts his vote according to his conscience. He is above caste, colour and creed. A person who insists on his rights without caring for his duties is not an ideal citizen.

In India, elections are held after every five years. An ideal citizen votes every time whenever there is an election. He casts his vote according to the merits of the candidate. He makes sure that the candidate cares for the upliftment of the country and is honest, hard-working and above himself.

An ideal citizen always does things, which are in the interest of the nation and her people. In other words, he works for the betterment of his fellow countrymen.

He is law-abiding and pays his taxes honestly and in time. He does not encourage nepotism, corruption and dishonesty. He does not give undue favour to people to gain monetary gains.

He is aware of the affairs of his country. He is ready to sacrifice everything for his country. He makes the right use of all civic amenities. He protects the weak and helps the poor with his selfless services. He is duty conscious and likes others to follow suit. He takes care no one spoils roads, parks, offices, railway stations etc. He tries to keep them clean.

An ideal citizen does everything to protect his country from all harms and ills. He is aware that if there is no country, there is no citizen. He is an important asset for the country.


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