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Essay on “Law and Order” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Law and Order


Law and Order is as important to us as air. And it is equally invisible in the sense that we hardly ever think about it.

We live in our-houses and lead a life of comfort, but how? It is because there is some system of law and order which protects us against violence and assault. Had such a system riot been there we would have since long been mowed down by robbers, burglars, thieves and others.

In ancient society, life was short not simply because there was no health awareness and medical facilities were worth the name, but also because there was no well-established law and order system which could ensure safety to common people. Hence, many promising young people were done to death in the prime of their life just over trivial matters, including loot, revenge, jealousy, etc.

It is through centuries that the modern system of law and order has developed. We have our military forces to protect our borders against an attack by any foreign country. Within our country we have a well-organised and well-trained police force to nab all the antisocial elements, including thieves, burglars, pick-pockets, robbers, highwaymen, murderers, etc.

As C.E.M. Joad in one of his celebrated essays has pointed out, had there been no law and order system, all the artistic and scientific advancement which has made life liveable and pleasure some in the modern age would have just nigh been impossible.


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