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Essay on “Healthcare” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



According to the Nobel Laureate Prof. Amartya Sen, a nation can progress only if it takes education and health on priority basis.

Some people have natal or pre-natal reformative features and maladies. That is pitiable and we should hope that some of these can be cured partially or completely. Such cases are, however, rare. Most of the people are born normal and can maintain good physical and mental health through conscious efforts.

Though exact parameters for maintaining good health can be pronounced only by the experts in the line, we can think a few things which a layman knows or can know and tell easily and which are easily intelligible and practicable.

First of all, one must take a balanced diet. It is not only the intake or non-intake of a particular type of which is important, but also the total caloric intake per day is also a very significant factor. We shall take all the food ingredients – fat, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral, vitamins and fibrous foods in the required quantity, preferably under the guidance and supervision of a dietician.

Similarly, daily and regular exercise of the kind as specified by a medical expert for each individual should be taken. ‘There is also a question of regular rest and hours of sleep. A period of rest and leisure should not be considered waste of time. There is also a necessity for the proper dose of amusement and entertainment. Regular walks in the morning and evening can be of great value.

We should try to avoid tension, stress, strain and a unnecessary worry in life. Laughter is a great tonic. We should remember that cheerfulness and contentment have a great role to play in maintaining good health in life.


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