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Essay on “Is non-alignment relevant ?” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Is non-alignment relevant ?


Non-alignment is relevant today and will continue to be relevant in future. Non-alignment is a unique contribution of Indian foreign policy to the world politics. Its rationale for existence is being questioned in today’s Post Cold War era. Old systems of power blocks are giving way to new power arrangements and new problems in international politics. The relevance of non-alignment is greater to the extent how it approaches to solve the new problems of today’s multi-polar world.

It was Jawahar Lal Nehru who was very clear in his mind when he said in 1946 that, “we will be away from both the power blocks, equidistant from both the blocks and will be non-aligned”. After the Second World War, world was divided into two blocks, one led by United States of America and the other by former Soviet Union. Two power blocks exercised decisive influences over their followers. It was really timely for this concept to be mooted and developed when there were number of countries waiting not to join either of the two blocks.

The concept of Non-alignment was not only negative but positive in outlook and goals. West termed it as ‘immoral’ but it was really moral. It did not mean only passively being non-aligned but actively carving out Independent foreign policy. It stood for self-reliance and independence in foreign policy, judging every issue on its merit. Its noble aims were Decolonisation, Disarmament, Development, Democratisation of International Relations. These problems continue even till today.

In 50’s and 60’s many Afro-Asian countries were getting liberation from their colonial masters and many others were waiting for Independence. Non-Alignment supported the cause for independence. Many newly liberated countries of Asia and Africa joined the Non-aligned Movement and the first Non-alignment meeting was held in Belgrade in 1961. Arms race was at its peak during the cold war. Non-alignment raised its voice for arms control and disarmament measures. Various resolutions were passed during its subsequent meetings and conferences. Even today total disarmament is not complete. Nuclear weapons continue to pose serious threats to nations’ security. It is said that the cold was is over for the superpowers in multi-polar world but cold war is continuing in Asia and between various traditional rivals, e.g., India and Pakistan, Arab and Israel despite several rounds of peace talks.

Democratisation of International relations has still not taken place. The United Nations has become weak due to domination of major powers. The United States continues to manipulate UN System to pursue its foreign policy goals. The two economic superpowers, Germany and Japan are out of permanent seats at UN. The regional representation from Asia, Africa and Latin America to the permanent seats is still not there. The demand for India, Nigeria, and Brazil for the permanent seats is facing serious challenges from the major powers in International politics. The task is tough ahead for these nations and the world politics to be really democratic.

The real problem is in the area of development especially for the developing countries. Serious divisions can be witnessed on the economic development between developed and developing countries. Developing countries need development assistance from developed ‘North’ but they are being denied. Instead the developing ‘Sough’ are manipulated and dominated by systems of Neo-colonialism which leads to interference in their internal affairs by the ‘North’. Non-alignment has always been vocal to lessen the gap between rich and poor nations. Non-alignment while challenging the economic domination of developed countries laid arrangements for South-South cooperation through which developing countries can cooperate themselves on trade, commerce and other economic areas. In this respect SAARC is a good initiative for regional economic cooperation.

Non-alignment is a moral force representing peace and tranquility and always opposing domination and discrimination in the international arena. It has raised its voice at various world forums for Nuclear free world against racism, e.g., apartheid and stood for universal brotherhood. Non-alignment has also shown concerns at deterioration of environment which can threaten nation’s security. This is a new challenge which again has assumed North-South dimensions. Both perceive environmental problem differently. During cold was environmental deteriorations reached its zenith due to negligence and hostile ideological world politics. If joint efforts are not taken to save our environment, whole survival will be at stake.

New problems are adding day by day, though the old ideological hostilities have taken a back seat. But what is the guarantee that they will not resurface. The dimension and nature of the problem has changed along with the incomplete tasks of nuclear disarmament, democratization, war free nations, environmental security and North South divide. Economic development is at the top of the agenda for developing countries. Developmental assistance is trickling very slowly from the developed North. The role of Non-alignment has become greater to pressurize and cooperate among themselves to get solved these problems affecting the humanity and peace of nations. In fact Non-alignment needs to be activated to play proactive role with new strategies and resources to achieve a world system with equity and justice in which every nation is independent and sovereign in the true sense of the term.


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