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Essay on “Corruption- Do we need it or can’t help it” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



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Corruption- Do we need it or can’t help it


Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon. It has become a way of life. It has something to do with human nature. It has affected all–the developed as well as the developing countries, the rich and poor. It is only a question of degree, some more and some less. The element of greed forms part of human nature affecting human beings. The rising consumerism contributes to a greater extent in enhancing the greed element among people. But certainly we do not need it.

What is corruption? Corruption is any type of favour in cash or kind given or received for getting any job done. It may be bribery, nepotism, etc. It is also misusing one’s authority or discretion for personal ends to siphon away the public money. It is totally illegal. It may involve economic activities like taking commission in clearing projects, big deals and transactions, e.g., Bofors gun deal commission, HDW submarine deals.

This problem has become so complex and complicated that it becomes difficult to localize the corrupt persons. The lower authorities would say that higher authorities are corrupt and higher authorities would pinpoint at lower authorities for being corrupt. In other words the whole system has been infected with the virus of corruption. But the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and criminals who hold power and authority due to influence and power manipulate the things in their personal interests and make the things worse for the common people. Common people are not blamed equally less for the rising corruption and corrupt practices.

The reason for this menace can be seen in the motive to get more and more money. The people are not satisfied with their present levels of money. To earn money for good livelihood is a noble aim. But to acquire it through illegal means vitiates the atmosphere of good living in society. It results in comparison with corrupt people and drives the common people to acquire money through illegal means. And a vicious circle is formed.

In addition to this we can see systemic failure since independence. Our institutions have become dysfunctional or have not worked properly. As a result a long queue can be seen everywhere. Scarcities have become the order of the day. People need better governance and institutions working properly and efficiently. Inefficient institutions have led people to go for short cut and less time consuming methods. In effect this has added for going to corrupt practices to lessen disappointments.

After independence due to centralization there was emphasis on excessive controls for getting licenses, quotas and permissions. It took much of time for clearance and granting of permissions. The people with authority to grant licenses and quota went corrupt by misusing their power. In recent years the Permit Raj has been abolished but new trend of charging commission on big deals in evident. A lot of scams are coming into picture for utilizing public money, thanks to the courts’ judgments through public interest litigations. For the first time Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers are facing trials for corrupt practices. CBI is doing commendable jobs in JMM and Sukh Ram cases. Now the discretionary quotas in telephones and gas connections have been abolished. These are good steps for checking corruption in public life affecting higher authorities.

Winning an election by any means has become the order of the day. This strengthens the nexus between politicians and criminals. Politicians need money to contest elections. They are funded by unknown sources who get their illegal work done by these politicians once they win the election. This is the greatest problem which India faces today. Unless this nexus is broken, corrupt practices would continue to play havoc with our institutions and their functioning.

Lack of proper education is at the root of corruption. This has led to degeneration of values which is affecting the youth and children of this country. Moral education can begin at both family and school levels. Correct moral education can be imparted to them at right time. Once it is imbibed at right time, it starts functioning well. In order to end this menace we have to function in an integrated manner. It cannot function effectively if we touch only one part at a time. Of course, it has to start from the top by breaking the odd nexus and effective monitoring by anti-corruption squads. At the same time effective dose of moral education at family and school level can help in grooming better citizens for tomorrow. The proper education can control the greed and consumerist tendencies. Media too can play effective role in highlighting the importance of corruption free society. If we do all this, we can save lot of resources and time in fighting corruption and save our country and society from making corruption as a part of our culture.


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