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Essay on “Interview of An Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Interview of An Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT)

Suppose you have been called for an interview for a post of a Trained Graduate Teacher. Describe your feelings before and after interview:-

It arouses the feelings of hopefulness when we receive a call of an interview for a post applied for by us. It is like a straw for a drawing man. An unemployed person finds life to be an in tolerate burden. He experiences a great humiliation  and restlessness. The call for an interview of a trained graduate teacher in the Old Secretariat building. Department of Education. A great number of trained graduate teachers were required for Govt. Schools run by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration.

The interview board consisted of the Director of Education, one Deputy Director and two principals of govt. Schools considered to be experts of various subjects. There were no few3er than sixty candidates for ten posts. Each one of us had been given a serial number indicating our tune. I was to appear at No. 13. Time for starting the interview was 10 a.m. but actually it started at 10.30 a.m. someone remarked delay of half an hour was not much from Indian standard of time. Some of us who were in a serious mood, l did not enjoy the joke, but some us laughed heartily.

It was thinking to myself how in impress myself on the members of the interview Board. I took certain decisions. I should reply the questions in Eng. And Hindi as per language of the questions I should try to make myself as clear as possible. I should be brief and to the point. Instead of making any pretence about not knowing answer to a question. I should confess my inability to answer a question. I should be very respectful to the interviewer. I should pay no heed to the fact that I was no. 13, etc.

Those who had been interviewed were not allowed to come back to us. They had to go out by the other door so that we might not know what questions were being asked. I tried to make my own guess about the nature of the questions and thought of the answers to be given. When my turn came. I had feelings of elation as well as nervousness. As I entered the room of interview, I was able to balance my mind as far as possible. I answered the preliminary questions relating to my qualifications and experience were no doubt a bit tough, but I was able to answer them to my satisfaction. I was asked a special question; how I would teach the same topic say words worth’s poem solitude in three different classes 8th, 9th and 10th. My answer was appreciated by every on the board. I was thanked and told by the chairman that I would get information whether I had been selected information whether I had been selected within a week. I left the place thankfully.

When I was on my way back AI thought about my prospects of being selected. I had confidence that on the basis of my qualifications and performance in the interviews. I had sound chances of being selected. But what about a recommendation? I had no recommendation. That was a drawback. But with my firm faith in god. I thought that I must be selected on the basis of merit.


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