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Essay on “Indian Tourism” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Indian Tourism


            Synopsis:  Indian tourism industry holds excellent prospects both in terms of domestic and foreign tourist.  Tourism is becoming more and Joe popular because of many modern developments.  Tourism in India has developed many new dimensions and fascinations which need to be fully exploited to generate new employment opportunities and earn more foreign exchange.  Tourism infrastructure and tourism friendly culture should due be developed fast.  Many new and innovative measures are being taken to encourage tourism. Tourism in India occupies a strategic position but this position needs to be strengthened by liberal government help and private participation both from India and abroad.  In near future India is likely to emerge both as a travel and turn destination.


            Indian tourism in the third largest export industry after gem and jeweler and ready-made garments with an estimated earnings of 9,200 core and employing nearly 7.8 million people directly,.  The Tourism Ministry is seeking an outplay of rest. 58 billion for the Ninth Plan which shows 12-fold increase compeered to rest. 4.5 billion Eight Plan outplays. But India’s share in the world tourism industry in only 0.7 per cent.  Tourism today is world’s one of the fastest growing industries with a turnover of %3.5 trillion per years.  At present there are 500 million international travelers which would rise to 660 million by the turn of the century. 


            The fascinations of travel are not new tuna they have more dimension new than ever before.  The tourists are travelling to such diverse and distant places as Andeans and Latah and yet the whole of the north-eastern region remains undiscovered and unexplored.  The potential of domestic and foreign tourists in India is very cast and should be exploited and developed speedily.  Tourism helps and strengthens the nods of national unity, and integrity dank brings people more claps ego one another culturally.   Indian tourism industry has much capacity to generate employment opportunities even in remote and backward areas of the county.  The direct employment in tourist industry in India during 1994-95 was nearly 7.8 million persons accounting for about 2.4 per cent of the total labour force.


            To give a major lift to Niacin travel and tourism industry the National Tourism Policy is being evolved.  Under the policy, tourism is brought in the concurrent list, tax-structure is being rationalized and guidelines for eco-tourism being framed, the participation of panchayats is also envisaged.  There is an urgent need to improve India’s image as a leisure and business destination.  Tourism infrastructure need to be increased and improved.  Hotel-capacity should be increased, new hotels with acceptable standards opened, air, train and luxury bus-services be increased private investment in the injury be made attractive and more trains like the “Palace of Wheels” be introduced on popular travel circuits.


            India is a full of colorful festivals and fairs.  They occur round the yard.  They too can be turned into major tourist attractions sis has been done is some cases.  What is needed is strong will, imagination, vision, drive, initiative and enterprise on the part of all those connected with the industry.   Only then tourism will be Abe to contribute significantly to the country’s economic growth and industrial development.  Tourism in India occupies a strategic position but this position need to be significantly strengthened by liberal government help and greeted private participation both form Lindsay and abroad. 


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