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Essay on “Science in Society” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Science in Society


       Synopsis: Science and society are in constant and fruitful interaction through scientists.  Man is a social being and so is a scientist.  Society provides scientists with laboratories, Libraries and institution of learning and the scientists in their turn commit themselves to the betterment of the society by their discoveries, exploration, inventions etc. Science is a rational approach to truth.  It is the path of reason, knowledge, research and dynamism to reality. Pt, Nehru was a great champion of scientific approach to the truth and did hi utmost to cultivate scientific temper among the people.  Science stands for challenge and change in the face of old, routine, conventional, stagnant and rotten.


            Science is the systematic study of the physical universe and its contents by means of observations, measurements and experiments, it is an attempt to explain nature and behavior of things, Science goes down deep into the causes of life and nature, their evolution, their interaction and thereby attempts to improve the conditions and quality of living.  Science help sin greater and more objective analysis of cause and effect, of facts and evidence, Science opens new frontiers of knowledge and unravels the mysteries of nature and things. 


            Men and women who make these researches, studies, discoveries and unravel mysteries are scientists.  They are integral part of the society collectively and individually. Society with its well established law and order, facilities for research, analysis, observation, experiments etc. helps them to conduct their explorations and discovers in the unknown.  Without a society no scientific research and development are possible.  The growth and development in science and technology are in direct relation and proportion to the development and growth of society The more developed and advanced a society is, the better the conditions and facilities for research in higher areas of knowledge and learning there are. In their turn the scientists have their social obligations and commitments to see that they contribute generously in the improvement of quality of life.  


            In modern India there have been many great champions of science and advocates of scientific thinking who paid their wholehearted homage at the shrine of pure knowledge.  But pt. Nehru stands above them all beaus the strove hard throughout his life as a man, leader and the first Prime Minister of India to inculcate the scientific temper among the Indian populace.  Once in an opening ceremony speaking on the spirit of Science, he said, “Science teaches us new ways of doing things. Perhaps, it improves our conditions of industrial life but the basic things that science should do is to teach us to think straight, to act straight and not to be afraid of discarding anything or of accepting anything provided there are sufficient reasons for doing so.


            Science in itself is neither good nor bad.  It is human beings who make science.  Ills of science like the destructive power of nuclear weapons, the erosion of values because of spread of gross materialism, ever increasing depletion of natural resources, degradation and pollution of the environment etc. are actually the ills of man using science in a way that is destructive, undesirable and unholy.  It is because the scientist in man has deviated from his social commitments, social conscience.  Therefore, there are some sections in the society who want an immediate halt to the growth of scientific researches and studies. 


            Science and morality or change and continuity are not inimical or incompatible, The evil lies in human mind which can use both science and morality for evil purposes, Science is knowledge, pure, objective and empirical engaged in making the life more easy, comfortable and less painful.  There is hardly and walk of department of life which is not in the embrace of science. It has helped us in conquering diseases, hunger, famine, distances and physical and geographical barriers, it has turned the globe into an international village.  The conquest of space and the moon are some of the greatest achievements of modern science and technology.  The true spirit of science lies in search and discovery of truth.


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