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Essay on “Importance of Praying Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Importance of Praying

India is a country that is blessed with several castes, creeds, sects and religions in India. We profess different religions. There are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain and Parsis. All religions tech us to pray God. Irrespective of our religions, we pray to God, but we pray to God in different ways, at different places and at different times. All regions tell us that we must pray to god, but what is the necessity of praying to God?

God is very kind. He showers His blessing squally on all, whether we pray  or do not pray to Him. He has gifted us many things free of cost. He is a great forgiver. He does not punish us for our sins. He forgives our sins committed knowingly. We must remember him and Pray to Him to express our thanks.

We must pray to God because God has bestowed us with all the gifts, we possess. We must pray and thank Him for all those favours. She has given us innumerable gifts- our life, our beautiful earth, the sun, the moon and the starts. All are the Wonderful gifts given by God. Prayer is a must to thank and to show our gratitude to god for all the gifts He has bestowed upon us.

Prayer also helps us to face problems in life. Life is full of problems and troubles. It is not smooth sailing. There is a lot of pain, sorrows and sufferings in life. We seek God’s help to overcome these problems and troubles. Prayer gives us this help and moral support to face our problems.

Man is a weak and helpless being. He cannot do anything of his own. He loses courage and gives up everything. He loses peace of mind at every step. An accident, sickness or deaths of some beloved are the example of helplessness of men. On all such occasions he has to take the help of prayer, because it boosts up his confidence.

Prayer is like talking to god as a close friend or loving father. When we pray to god, we fell as if god is present with us. We can talk to Him and place our problems before Him. We beg Him for His blessings. When God is with us, who can cause any harm to us? Prayer means trust in God. It gives us courage and confidence. Prayer binds us with God and brings us nearer to Him.

Prayer is a must because; it gives us strength and courage to face our life problems. It gives us peace of mind, comfort and consolation. Prayer to God is also necessary because, it has magic power. Problems which cannot be solved otherwise , find easy solution in prayer. Such problems get solved automatically by themselves with the magi power of prayer. Disease which are inculpable and cannot be cured with the help of medicines, vanish completely with the magic power of prayer. If we pray earnestly and honestly, God is king enough to shower his blessings. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we can depend upon.

God is present everywhere. There is no place where he is not present. He can come to our aid anywhere we are. Prayer helps us to remember this truth. It removes all unnecessary fears for our minds. It is the prayer that tells us the God   is omnipresent. He must come to our rescue, whenever we are caught in some trouble. We seek his help from the core of our hearts by prayer.

Prayer is necessary to keep us on the right path, away from the evil ways. If we follow evil ways, we shall go away from God. We shall not be able to communicate with God. We cannot pray to God in the right earnest. God knows everything. We cannot hide anything from Him. He knows even out inner most thoughts. We cannot bluff Him. God listens to the prayer of only those who are good and noble. We need God’s blessings and help at every moment. So we must not be wicked or evil, we must remain good and holy.

Prayer is a must for everyone. We cannot do anything without prayer. It is the most useful means, because more wonderful things can be wrought by prayer than a man can dream of. Prayer is a powerful weapon.


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