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Essay on “If there were no Newspaper” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If there were no Newspaper

Many are the blessings that science has bestowed upon mankind. The newspaper is one of them. One is simply surprised to think what a wonderland does this tiny little thing hide in itself. As soon as it comes before you, it unfolds the whole of the universe before you.

It is a bit difficult to think how it would look like if there were no newspapers. An educated and civilized man may willingly agree to forgo his meals for a day or two, but, it will be hard for him to miss the newspaper even for a day. Newspaper in modern times is no more a luxury it has become a necessity. It would be just like a blackout for a strong tremor if there were no newspapers.

Newspapers keep us well informed about current events. They are the best means of communications between the rulers and the rules. They help the govt. to acquaint the public with and convey their views regarding the various laws and orders. Without newspapers the govt. would remain ignorant of the wishes of the people their condition their needs and requirements and thus it would not be able to perform its functions properly. In the absence of newspapers, the govt. would lose touch with the opinion and feelings of the people. A gulf would be created between the public and the govt.

Democracy is the order of the day and the newspaper sin the tock light of democracy. For a democratic country the press is quite indispensable. In a democracy the will of the press is the will of the people. So the absence of newspaper would mean that the voice of the people would not be heard. A spokesman of the people would not be there. A guardian of two rights of the people would disappear. A against the unjust policy of the govt. would stop. The govt. the party and the politician would have no fear. In short, the whole edifice of democracy would topple down.

The influence of the press is very deep on the social life of a country. It rouses public opinion against social evils. It also promotes civic sense and feeling. It encourages people to be helpful to one another. It inspires them with the idea of social service. It fights against evils and also exposes them. So, if there were no newspapers, the society would be deprived of all these benefits.

Newspaper bind the whole world into he ties of sympathy. They create goodwill among nations. They take sympathetic interest in the problems of the world. So in the absence of newspapers, we will have no glimpse of political movements, social uplifts and economic developments in the world. We would have no mental breakfast and there would be no charm in life.

We cannot afford to miss the newspaper the mirror of the world, and the diary of the human race. It is rather impossible to think of the world without newspapers.


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