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Essay on “I had Wings” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

I had Wings

So many poets have expressed a wish to have wings. A poet says that if he had wings, he would fly with the skylark and visit those parts of the glove where there is Spring throughout the year. Even the primitive man had a desire to have wings. The credit of the invention of the aeroplane goes to those persons who desired to have wings that they might fly in the air. A Greek once fixed wings to his shoulders with wax, flew high, the wax melted and he fell down. Attempts were made again and again to fly in the air. At last the Wright Brothers were successful in making an aero plane to fly in the air. We envy the lot of the birds, because they are capable of flying to places where we only yearn to reach.

I also wish to have wings. It I had wings, I would fly and sit on the branches of high trees, laden with fruits, I would fly to the peaks of the mountains covered with now and enjoy the beauty of fine, white natural scenes, I would fly to the innermost parts of the dense forests. On having wings, I would like to make flight to historical cities such as at the end of the month I would fly to the Taj the marble temple of love and enjoy the sight of the dream that Shah Jahan saw in stone and mortar. I would also like to visit the capitals of the great countries of the world. I would have a very great desire to fly and sit on the white house in which the American President lives. On the Republic Day the 26th of Jan, I feel very much disappointed since I am not able to reach the place from where I may see the procession coach of the Rashtrapati and see the Republic Day procession,.

Although It has been said that man is the cream of certain hearts that the life of the birds is happier than man’s life. I have two reasons for feeling so. First the birds have wings and they can enjoy sights and scenes that are inaccessible to man. Secondly, man has to hear the sad music of humanity from which birds are comparatively free.

The supposition, if I had wings, creates two thoughts in the mind. Shall I have wings with my human body as it is? No that seems to me to be a very awkward proposition. If I had wings, I would like to have much smaller body as much s that of birds. Moreover, I would not like to remain a bird forever. I would like to become a bird and human being at wish. Among the birds also there are several species. There are hawks, eagles and other birds of prey. There are sparrows, parrots, thrushes and pigeons. There are cocks and peacocks, swans and cranes whose flying capacity is less than that of others. I would like to belong to the second category that is that of partridge and parrots.



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