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Essay on “If I Were a Judge” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were a Judge

I have heard that, judges are the ultimate in rendering justice and my ambition is to become a judge, in the Supreme Court of India. My ambition is based on the belief and presumption that, judges are honest, disciplined and unbiased in their behaviour and attitudes towards their subordinates in the office and the people who come to them for help. If my attraction to this noble position were to become a reality some day, I would do a lot to improve the norms for justice in India, my country.

If I were a judge I would be in the know of all the intricacies of the functioning. I would try to render the system clean of politics, and clean ‘of maneuvering of any kind. This is of course a very high stake I am laying I know but, if I could do it all, it could be done only in the position of a judge.

Whenever the newspapers are gone through, I often read the data that, there are lakhs of cases pending in the courts, which would take three centuries to be cleared, if there are no more additions to the numbers. Is this not absolutely ridiculous? Don’t the people in the profession feel ashamed of saying so, and of having brought the situation to such a passe? Is it not a farce to believe that, these cases would ever be cleared in three centuries? Would all the litigants be still alive to hear the verdicts of the courts, and would there be no further additions? I personally feel that, in so long a period the people whose cases these are, would have taken at least five lives by then. It would be thus advisable to scrap all the long pending cases and start afresh for, litigants would certainly not live to hear the judgements. Does this not appear to be a comedy of errors? I do wonder what our judiciary is doing to clear the malaise from the system.

The judiciary is just now busy cleaning the Executive and the Legislature the two branches of the Government. When on earth will it start cleaning up itself? This problem is facing the judiciary rudely in the face and no one yes no one appears to be looking at it in the correct perspective.

If I were a judge, I would first try to clean up my own house. The three-century load of cases, which cannot be carried for any more length of time, would be my first priority. What I would do would be to finish or scrap the very old cases in which the people concerned may have already died, and burn up their files instead of just hoarding them up as junk. After ensuring such decrease of files, I would establish special courts to clear these cases as quickly as possible that is on a war footing. Only then very new cases would be kept in abeyance and the rest be cleared in three years instead of in three centuries. Such despicable statements would never come out of the office of any judicial officer, if I could help it.

I would then try to inculcate discipline, honesty, and work culture in the judiciary, among all the people of the legal profession. When I read in the newspapers and also hear my elders discuss about the corruption that has also seeped into this community, I feel very frustrated for, how can a corrupt person be just? His judgement has got to be tilted towards the giver of a bribe.

Another thing that I would introduce as a judge would be the time limit of cases, the time may be short or long according to the intricacies of the case but, time must be set, and time must be adhered to. In my view if, as a judge ‘ I would succeed in doing this much I would have done my bit of service to the profession, by infusing work culture and discipline in the cadres, and doing so, ‘the Judiciary would have gained its lost prestige and honour. Thus, In a nutshell, if I were a judge, my ambition of cleaning up the system would‘be my priority.


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