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Essay on “If I Were a Doctor” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were a Doctor

A person who is ill and out of sorts, gives a doctor the status of God on earth. Isn’t this status one to proud of? A status to be cherished isn’t it? The very presence of a doctor instills immense confidence in patient, an enviable position of a man.

After understanding the high and mighty position of a doctor as it is expected to be, let us analyse whether doctors to-day stand up to this high esteem. I’m afraid, the answer to this query will be very disappointing. To-day, doctors are found to be most indifferent to their patients, callous about the treatment they render which makes me feel that the God we imagined in days gone by has changed his colour and form from an angel to a devil. Doctors who are dealing with human lives should be at least humane if not loving and caring. However, in these days we find that doctors are not even humane and thus, how can men, patients look up to them as incarnations of God as done earlier. What I feel is that, the general image of doctors are now very low in the eyes of general public. The public ha’. realised much to its dismay that doctors are now only busy minting money as much as their profession can bring for them, and they have lost real touch with human beings, and human life. It is true that all individuals have become money spinning machines but the doctors who once represented God, should have stayed out of this race for money. Alas! this has not happened and this profession is as corrupt as any other.

With this background in mind, if I were a doctor I would first and foremost try to recover from the dumps, the image of the profession, the broken image of doctors-would be repaired by constant effort. It would be my prime objective to identify myself with the patients, put myself in their sick shoes and then act. I am sure if this could be done sincerely, I would be able to understand the pangs of pain the poor patient would be undergoing. This would first Of all make me behave humanly with him. Next, instead of keeping an eye on the amount of money he can pay for the treatment, I would rather concentrate on the treatment to be given, with a singular eye to cure him fully and just not bother how much he can pay me for the service.

I’d agree that the doctor is working to earn money, yes, his work is his bread and butter for this, I’d take money and lots of it from the very rich and then treat the poor patients free. With this balancing act I think I would be able to earn enough money to maintain my life and family and also earn a sea of goodwill from the huge number of poor people. I would earn besides money, love, respect, and reverence. Thus, contrary to what doctors earn these days, that is heaps and heaps of money only, I would earn money though not in heaps, but, love and respect in heaps what more can anyone want from society?

With this attitude, I am sure I would be able to help other doctors also to come out of this rut and muck of just amassing wealth, at the cost of all other finer feelings for the public. It is not that all my patients would get well no that’s not the matter they would only be definitely convinced that, I did my best, I did not mislead them just to fleece a few more coins from them. This would be my real estate and earning for a lifetime.

I would always be available for my patients and because of this, I know that my family would suffer. This snag in my life would however, will not deter me from my good clean path of treating patients to my optimum capacity. I am sure my family Would understand and, after a few years with me they would also all get into the same mould of serving humanity and that would be still another feather . in my cap. Now, with the co-operation of the family, I would be able to sustain my family and patients and keep them both happy and satisfied.

With this much achieved I am sure I would be quite satisfied with my profession and the life with it. I would be a doctor who could be considered in the entire vicinity as a doctor apart from all others and a model for other to follow. Aha! this would give me immense pleasure and I would see the fulfilment of my cherished dream of being a doctor of a different kind.


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