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Essay on “Film And Fashion” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Film And Fashion

Variety has always attracted man’s attention. A new dress on the screen cannot go unnoticed. The impression sets on the minds of the fashion conscious people. Their next step is to hunt for the similar dress in boutiques and major fashion joints or visit the tailor to get the dress stitched. The general appeal is that what  looked gaudy and attractive on the screen  will surely look good on them. Mind it ! it’s not necessary that they look as appealing as the star wearing that dress.

If we watch our old time movies we can notice that fashions repeat to a certain extent with a little alteration here and there. There comes a time when a traditional  outfit gets the importance of being in gala mode. Even hair styles are not left behind. Our stars are the trend betters, and all the fans are the followers.

Like films , fashions have not set rules. Wear anything different to set spark a blaze and that’s fashion! The worlds of films and fashions are so interlinked that it is not possible to say that they do not  influences each other.

Fashions from the west are put forth in our Indian films and the attentive viewers create the wave. Here fashions influenced the dress designer’s will to make his star wear a particular dress. Film makers need fashions up to data to give the audience a variety to select form and the fashion makers look forward to the films to give them new ideas. 

Thus , films and fashions are inter-dependent. It is maze that has neither the beginning  nor an end. It has been so in the past and shall continue forever. If not films, then what more can create waves in the world of fashion.  


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