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Essay on “The Cable Boom in India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Cable Boom in India

There was once a time when people looked forward to the lazy evenings. They had a simple choice of programmes  on Doordarshan. It was entirely up to them- to watch or not to watch the selected presentation. Today, the satellite and Cable Television has stormed the media world of information and entertainment. This fast and sudden change is a welcome surprise. Interestingly, now , the people don’t know what to watch and what not to watched.

The satellite network has made us reach far in generating enormous amount of information. STAR Television (Satellite Television Asia Region) has its diversified channels. The news on BBC channel is eagerly awaited. Sadly enough the Doordarshan coverage is hardly satisfying as compared to the latest, immediate and in depth news analysis on BBC service. The nonstop Music Television; MTV , hits out at the latest top numbers; videos and once upon a time oldie goodies. Sports Channel, Star Sports and ESPN cover the line presentation of almost  every anywhere int eh world. STAR WORLD with its Santa Barbara. The Bold and the beautiful , Riviera, Remington steels, hill street blues, the wonder years , talks shoes and movies etc. hold the viewers attention. The ZEE TV and Aaj Tak have also revolutionized the communication scenes in the county. The whole set up is a threat to the Doordarshan.

Today , undoubtedly, there is enormous variety and choices for TV viewers. The cable boom has presented a variety to satisfy the viewers who believe that change is the spice of life. 




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