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Essay on “Female Foeticide” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Female Foeticide

          We read in history that some people in North West frontier province of undivided India and in Rajputana used to kill their daughters immediately after birth. It was believed that such people were savages and uncivilized. Strangely enough, now many people including the so called highly civilized and educated people kill their daughters even before their birth, that is, in the womb.

          It is a point to ponder that if female foeticide goes on unchecked as at present, our country may be without girls and women in a few centuries or even decades. That will be the end of the nation no doubt the govt. has passed Ant parental Sex determination Laws, but they are hardly ever implemented.

          It was believed that they could save human beings from much pain and misery. That they could do by enabling true diagnosis of the presence of a tumors, ulcer, etc. in any part of the body. But soon those machines started to be misused by the unscrupulous people, including doctors and parents. The starting of the determination of the sex in the womb was in fact the start of the problem of female foeticide.

          It is of utmost importance to awaken the masses with the help of the media, the educational institutions and the NGOs. Those who indulge in this heinous practice should be socially boycotted.



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