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Essay on “Educational Reforms” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Educational Reforms

          At the time of Independence, one important deficiency in the education system was that education was heavily art and humanities based. With passage of time, this deficiency has been removed to some extent. Now, India has the third largest number of science graduates in the world. But one serious flaw is still there. Indian scientific teaching s not basically search based. Thus the young Indian scientists do get some established scientific knowledge but not many of them can do research or show any research results because research is a costly affair and Indian laboratories lack proper facilities for the same. Still it can be said with pride that in the fields of nuclear, space and computer research, Indian scientists are next to none.

          Because of a haphazard Churning of arts graduates, doctors and engineers in the Indian institutions, there has been wide spread unemployment on a large scale in these fields. And many of our brilliant young scholars have to seek admission or employment in foreign countries thus leading to brain drain on a large scale. It is heartening that now several new courses related to commerce, agriculture, industry medicine engineering textile etc.

          The media has also brought about a revolution in the field education. Teaching through satellites and open universities has opened new vistas for the employed and those who cannot attend any education or vocations institution.

          In spite of this the typical institutions, particularly in rural areas and small towns still lack basic educational facilities, The class rooms are overcrowded, the silage are outdated and the teachers are not well informed. The examination system which is mainly based on learning by notes also needs some improvement. Female education is also a somewhat neglected field.


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