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Essay on “Electric Vehicles” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Electric Vehicles 

As humans continually exploit the earth for their own conveniences they become increasingly aware of the damage they cause. In the last 30 years the population has begun to notice just how serious the problem is and as a result great efforts have been put into amending the environment from our technological follies. Since the use of fossil fuels causes 70% of the earth’s air pollution its, only logical that the human race must restrict the use of oil. One of the main reasons that fossil fuels are extracted from the earth is to provide oil for the propulsion of transportation vehicles. Scientist and researchers realized that oil is unnecessary to power ground transportation vehicles such as cars and trucks. Electric vehicles are now becoming the future of the transportation because they secure a long-term answer to the problem of fuelling and they greatly reduce the earth’s air pollution. Electric vehicles have had a relatively long history compared to most transportation devices. The first known electric automobile was a small model built by Professor Strtingh in 1835 in the Duct City of Groningen. The first electric automobile to really grab the world’s attention was La Jamais Contente’s racecar. It was produced in 1899 in Belgium and it was designed for speed. The car broke the world land speed record in France with driver Camille Jenatzy in 1899, with a speed of over 62 miles per hour. After the invention and production of the gasoline-powered automobile, electric cars gained little attention until the 1980’s.

Around 1990 several California cities began to use electricity to power buses, streetcars and mass transit vehicles to help lower their high level of air pollution. Automobile manufacturer giants such as Honda, GM and Chrysler put millions of dollars into research teams so that electric cars would be available to the public as early as 1996. Electric vehicles seem to be the best answer to this problem. Electric vehicles, on average, are 98% cleaner than combustion vehicles as far as air pollution goes. That means that if electric vehicles were to replace traditional automobiles, air pollution could be reduce by up to 35% each year.

The usage of oil can also bring great harm to the world economic system and replacing gasoline fuelled cars with electric vehicles would greatly reduce the horrible economic impact that oil will eventually bring to the globe. In as little as 5 years oil shortages could cause a major oil shock where the price oil per barrel could triple. To most people this evidence is hard to believe. The average consumer thinks that because the price of oil is so low now it will stay that way and the depletion of our oil supply is light years away.

The general function of an electric automobile is also siniii1 to that of an internal combustion automobile. Electric automobiles will be able to have 2 and 4 door options, large trunk space an d even sunroofs. It is a common misconception that electric cars will be an odd or ugly shape.

It takes a couple of hundred feet if not more to achieve the speed desired after one presses down the acceleration pedal. However, this is untrue for an electric vehicle. The response of the acceleration system is much greater than that of a traditional automobile because the power/torque curve for electric motors is much broader than that of an internal combustion engine.


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