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Essay on “Drug Abuse” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay No. 01

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse most often refers to the use of drugs with such frequency that it causes physical or mental harm to the user and impairs social functioning, according to the definition stated in ‘Software Tool works Encyclopaedia’. This term also refers to the use of a drug prohibited by the law, regardless of whether it was actually harmful or not. Although the term seems to imply that users abuse the drug they take, in fact, it is themselves or others they abuse by using it. Therefore, the preferred term ought to be ‘self abuse’. Since there are lots of individuals who associate the term drug abuse with what the law principles are, and what potential punishment will be applied for not complying with principles of such law those individuals should be able to recognize differences in the meaning of a common term. In order to ease such recognition let’s make a shift in terms and distinguish between them.

       A person voluntarily commits to use any prohibited by law drug. Despite the consequences of such action, the person continues using it. Eventually, some type of physical or mental harm occurs within the person’s body, thus, the occurrence of changes in health is the result of one’s free choice. any of the above stages can be easily applied into mother-child scenario.

       If a mother becomes, at some point, totally drug addicted, she can no longer control her actions, psychological stage of mind, etc. She can no longer be ina position of making the right choices and decisions, and of course, she will not be in a position to recognize and face the reality. The only choice such mother could make would be dictated by her addicted mind, and most likely would have nothing to do with reality. In the mean time, her child will have to face a tremendous emotional difficulties, as well as experience psychological imbalance and inability to deal with an adult-level, real life situations.

       Consequently, the mother’s inability to deal with the addiction will have a tragic impact on her child’s future development and well-being. Such drastic changes would be the abuse that took place as result of mother’s free choice. The tool used to create the abuse was the drug, and the user contributed to the results of his/her own free action. Since the drug itself did not forced the user to be taken, only, it was the user’s free choice, it does show that the user abused himself or herself and others-not the drug, thus, this scene clearly presents self abuse.

       In a doctor-patient scenario the situation is very common. Although the term «self abuse» would not quite fit in all cases, still, it’s hard to admit that the term «drug abuse» would. Imagine the doctor prescribing a drug to his patient, for some type of a relief, to the point where it creates unreversable harm. Assuming that the doctor knew how harmful for his patient the drug eventually would be, he consciously continues to prescribe such drug. Therefore, the doctor contributes to the abuse and harm of his patient. Thus, the patient becomes abused by the doctor, not by the drug.

       Again, there is no abuse to the particular drug. The drug is just a tool, in may ways very harmful, used by doctors or ordinary people.

       Since the term drug is commonly associated with substances that influence or alter the working process of mind by affecting moods, emotions, feelings, and thinking process, and influence health in general, it’s fair to say that such substances are powerful yet harmful tools. Despite whether they were taken freely, that is with full understanding of ultimate results, or prescribed by doctor with, most likely, full understanding, somewhere on the line the abuse occurs. The independent user and a doctor contribute at some point to the harm eventually created. Assuming that the drug was a tool for developing such results, the doctor contributed to the patient’s abuse, and the independent user abused himself/herself. No matter what the relationship is, user/drug or doctor-patient/drug, the drug is the only one that never gets to be abused. It is people abused by themselves or by others. Therefore, ‘self abuse’ seems to be more adequate term to use.


Essay No. 02

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is one of the most serious problems of the modern times. This problem has become so widespread that it has invaded all places and all kinds of people.

In almost all university hostels, the students, both boys and girls are drug-addicts in large numbers. In cities, rich and poor, men and women have fallen a prey to this menace. The most distressing is the case of rickshaw-pullers, workers, wagers and members of working classes that they can’t do any work unless they take some drug.

In rural areas, the migrant labourers and others who work in fields have to take opium or some other drug. Even rich farmers take drugs.

There are many kinds of drugs which are available at chemist shops and other places, like Kiryana shops. Some of these are cocaine, opium, ganja, charas, bhang, etc. There are certain narcotic injections also such as morphine, etc. Some people, who can’t find drugs as such, take large quantities of cough syrups such as phensedyl etc.

Drugs are freely supplied by drug peddlers all over the country. There should be capital punishment for drug peddlers. The drug-addicts should be sent to de-addiction centres. A vast awareness campaign against the drug abuse should be started by the media and other means.

Essay No. 03

Drugs Abuse

Drugs abuse has become a very serious problem now. Wherever we go, we find drug addicts. There are drug addicts in the hostels of schools, Colleges, universities and technical institutions. We find drug addicts in offices and even in big business houses. Most o the rickshaw-pullers and many factory workers are addicted to drugs There are drug addicts not only in urban areas but also in rural areas The most alarming fact is that now we have not only men and boy who take drugs but also the number of women and girls are using drugs.

Even in old times there were people who used to take drugs mostly opium. But the number of opium-eaters was quite small. Now it has become a fashion to take drugs of all kinds, including. opium. Drugs which are most commonly consumed are opium heroin, smack, charas, bhang, ganja, LSD, morphine, cowl syrups, etc.  

There are several reasons for this wide-spread use of drugs. Some of the reasons are boredom, stress and frustration which are a part of the modern life. Many young people do not get due care and affection from their parents. They are lonely and sad and start taking drugs. At first, they take a drug as they are curious about its effects. When they fell the euphoria after taking it, they start taking it regularly. Then they cannot get rid of it. If they stop taking it, they feel upset

They have to buy drugs at any cost. But drugs are very costly. The result is that they spend all their money on drugs and still they need more money. They neglect their studies and start working. They may even become thieves, pick-pockets or murderers in order to get money for drugs. Thus, drug-taking is also responsible for many crimes in our society.

The real culprits who spread the menace of drug-taking far and wide are drug-peddlers. They visit places like school, college and university hostels and entrap immature young people. They may also sell drugs to small shopkeepers near factories, offices & colleges.

All-out efforts should be made to catch drug-peddlers. An awakening against drug abuse should be brought among students and others through media and seminars. People should be told about the bad effects of drugs on health. At the same time, a network of de-addiction centres should be opened throughout the country to rehabilitate the drug-addicts. The example of the famous Bollywood star, Sanjay Dutt can serve as a beacon light to drug-addicts. They can get assured that they can get rid of the habit of drug-taking through their will and treatment.

No doubt, the existing drug de-addiction centres are doing praise-worthy work, but the process of rehabilitation does not seem to have been satisfactory. It is because after a victim has been, de-addicted and cured, there is no proper arrangement for his absorption in a useful vocation. The result is that in many cases, the de-addicted again start taking Burgs in a state of stress and desperation.


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