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Essay on “Corruption in Society” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Corruption in Society

          Corruption is the bane of modern society. This corruption has pervaded all walks of life. There is hardly a person in India who is either himself not corrupt or is not affected by this menace in one way or the other. The most alarming thing is that corruption has gained social respectability. It is closely linked to the question of attaining money wealth property and status.

          All the scams scandals and embezzlement that have taken place in various departments and at various levels in India liked the Boors, the securities scam the fodder scam the housing scam,

 the petrol pumps scam, the recruitment scam, the sugar scam, the stamp scam the telecommunication scam the food scam the cash on camera scam the Thelma scam are caused due to that desires.

It will not be an exaggeration or fallacy if a person asserts that it is an uphill task for a really honest and truthful man to lead a life of bare existence, much less an honorable life.,

What greater calamity can befall a country where honest sincere and hardworking men are ridiculed and even tortured by knaves, villains, scoundrels, goons and hooligans hired by the vested interests that be!

          The only hope for the common man in India lies in the efforts of the judiciary and the vigilance commission whose hands should be strengthened to deliver the people from the clutches of the monster called “corruption”.


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