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Essay on “Corporal Punishment” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Corporal Punishment


The law on the issue of corporal punishment in schools is quite clear. The Supreme Court banned corporal punishment to school children on December 1, 2008. Very rightly has the Right of Children to Free and compulsory Education Act 2009 also imposed ban on corporal punishment in schools. Clause 17 of the Act states that no child should be subjected to ph6sical punishment and mental harassment in any form

However, the factual position in Indian schools is quite opposite. The teachers still believe in the poser of rod spare the rod and spoil the child. Some teachers believe that it is an effective means of enforcing the dies cipolin.

Undoubtedly, discipline at every stage of life is significant p-art of learning. Next to home it is the schools where the youngsters can learn discipline. But corporal punishment is not a means to the end. Beating, punching, slopping, caning and boxing are some of the common forms of corporal punishment prevalent in schools. This is no way to inoculate discipline in innocent children psychologically; physical future in any form is harmful. It might. In most of the cases, cause lifelong guilt in their minds. Many a brilliant child has committed suicide and suffered permanent disability.

Truly speaking, the whole connect of corporal punishment is inhuman and therefore highly objectionable. Apart from legal aspect corporal punishment is not the moral m earns. There are score of means other than corporal punishment to discipline a child under the watchfully eyes of teachers. The problem is not that member teacher nor do parents devote time to children. They are required to be treated patiently. Their behaviors should be developed and improves. Empathy with children has to be developed by teacher. They will to understand why they behave in a particular manner. Modern teachers are supposed to be innovative. They should be enlightened about child psychology.

In the world of today, children are not beyond stress. They cannot express their joy wonder and perplexities in words. Both their minds and bodies can be nurtured with tender care. Corporal punishment is a crime land it should be treated as a crime.



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