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Essay on “Unemployment Allowance” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Unemployment Allowance


Unemployment among the educated youth is a very serious problem Unemployment prevails in both laboriously and professional sectors. After having completed their study, the young men and women are confronted with indifferent attitude of the society and govt. towards them. Growing frustration of the educated unemployed has resulted in the spread of violence and crime.

Truly speaking, the educated unemployed deserve sympathy from society. Having spent a lot of money on education of the children, parents also expect that their children should be financially independent. They should–– not be economically dependent on them. The parents have to look after other children too. Unemployed young men do not get sympathy from their parents. Such unfortunate depression. Therefore, the educated unemployed should be given some kind of financial relief in the form of unemployment allowance.

The question is that whether a poor country like India can afford this kind of unproductive expenditure. It is better if the amount of unemployment allowance is used to increase employment opportunities. Moreover, govt. has to spend large amount can higher education. It is alleged that the educated unemployed have already enjoyed the major allocation of funds reserve for higher education. Therefore, unemployment allowance is not a solution in a country poor like India.

Unemployment problem has been plaguing India since independence. There is hardly any sign of increase in employment opportunities for unskilled graduates and post-graduates. In case of skilled, semi skilled land highly skilled, there is very stiff competition. The irony is that the qualification on paper for the degree is greater in quality basis. Employers want, as it is their right, best buy for their money. The problem of unemployment has to be tackled at primary level education, outlet and by upgrading infrastructure in the country.


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