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Essay on “C.N.G. Vehicles in the Capital” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

C.N.G. Vehicles in the Capital

The pollution level in the Capital rose alarmingly due to buses, auto rickshaws, taxies and other modes of transport which were using petrol and diesel as a fuel. It was , therefore decided to use C.N.G for plying these vehicles, This fuel does not omit much smoke and is quite pollution free. But the operators of private bus and taxi owners were not in a mood to convert their vehicles to CNG because they felt! That a good amount of money will be spent if they change over to C.N.G.

As mush there was a hue and cry from all corners. The private bus owners and auto rickshaw and taxi owners also went on strike for some days. The AD.T.C. buses with an odd fleet could not meet out the need of the commuters. On the other had the Supreme Court also set dead line for all vehicles operated by private operators to stop plying their vehicle by 30th Sept. 2001. It was a difficult for the govt. also to implement the orders of the honorable Supreme court because CNG was not available. To avoid confrontation with the court, the govt. put the blame on Indraprastha Gas Ltd. For non availability of CNG. The situation become very much dangerous as children could not attend the school,  office could not attend their offices and the commuters not reach their destinations.

Later on the situation came under control as the transport department held a meeting with the private vehicles owners and sorted out the hurdles. Now Delhi is the first Metropolitan City in the world to have CNG. Run vehicles and thereby reducing the pollution level to a satisfactory level. It is now felt that CNG. Has its own drawbacks. The hazard of bursting cylinders is always therefore coming great harm to life and property anywhere anytime.


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