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Essay on “Baisakhi” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Essay No. 01

Baisakhi is a famous festival of India which is celebrated with great fervour every year on or around 13th April, especially in Punjab.

The rabi crop, which includes wheat and gram in particular, is sown at the start of the winter season. It ripens towards, the end of March and is harvested in April.

The harvesting of the rabi crop, wheat in particular, is started formally on the day of Baisakhi with great pomp and show.

On this day, the farmers rejoice and start dancing in joy. The thrill music of the drum with the celebrated Punjab folk dance, Bhangra, can be heard in every corner of Punjab and Haryana on this day.

The houses look spick and span and the people, especially the villagers put on neat and clean colourful clothes. Sweet pudding is prepared in houses in which grains of wheat from the new crop are mixed as a ritual.

The produce of wheat is sent to the grain markets and the coffers of the farmers start filling up with money. It is the season when the farmers, flushing with money, make purchases, hold domestic functions and arrange and solemnize marriages of their sons and daughters.

Baisakhi and Bhangra are virtually inseparable. The Bhangra is marked by the beating of drums, recitation of “bolis”, physical gyration and the exuberant reverberating sound of ‘Balk Balk”. This is, however, unfortunate that now the filmy overtones have penetrated even this most solemn folk song and made it a somewhat mechanical and gaudy affair.

There is another sad aspect to the day. It is remembrance of the martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar which took place on this day in 1919. That makes the nation sad but proud and determined to safeguard freedom at any cost.


Essay No. 02



The Baisakhi festival is celebrated all over Haryana and Punjab. This seasonal festival falls on 13th of April.

The people put on new clothes and prepare special food items on this day. A fair is held in every town in connection with the Baisakhi festival. A temporary bazaar is set up.

Sweets, toys,’ fruits and other items of household needs are sold there. The merry-go-rounds attract ladies and children. The jugglers and acrobats show their feats. All class of the people visit the fair.

The farmers give a show of their country dance with the beating of the drum. There is great excitement and enthusiasm among the dancers.

The Baisakhi is the festival of their corn and crops. Even the elderly people and the ladies join the dancers forgetting their sense of shyness.

The saintly people sing hymns and deliver religious sermons. They do not care for wordy attachment.

Essay No. 03


Baisakhi is one of the main festivals of Sikhs and celebrated with great fanfare in Punjab. It marks the first day of the month Vaishakh. In North India, it is the beginning of the Hindu New Year. It is a harvest thanksgiving festival which is celebrated on the thirteenth day of April.

The last Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh laid the foundation of the Khalsa Panth on the day of Baisakhi. On the day of Baisakhi, Guru Granth Sahib was declared as the eternal guru of the Sikhs and all the followers of Sikhism were to revere it.

On the day of Baisakhi, Sikhs go to Gurudwaras and listen to the recitation of the Guru Granth Sahib and perform `Kar Seva’. Free kitchens or `Langars’ are organised on this day and `thaar’ charity is given to the poor. During the evening a procession is taken out in the streets with the Guru Granth Sahib and religious discourses are offered by the priest. The Thangra’ dance of the men and `Gidda’ dance of the women are quite famous in the country. The Gurudwaras are also illuminated on this day.


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