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Essay on “Animal Rights” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights are the moral right of animals to be treated with respect and without exploitation. Some people believe that animals have rights just as human beings have rights; opinions range from extreme views of total animal liberation by animal rights activists to the practical improvement of the relationship between animals and humans as shown by legislation, and animal welfare

organizations such as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty  to Animals  in Britain. The rights of animals is a topic that is very important. Everyone should have the decency to treat animals with kindness and respect, and not make them suffer in any way. Animals deserve to live according to their own natures, without harm, abuse or exploitation. It has been shown that animals are capable of feeling pain, hunger, thirst, loneliness and kinship. It is very unfortunate that some people wear fur. Fur belongs to its original owner. Some fur comes from animals caught in horrific traps called leg holds. Leg holds are spring-loaded steel jaws that clamp shut on an animal’s foot once it’s sprung. It causes injuries and loss of circulations. Animals are stuck in these traps for hours and even days before the trapper comes to pick them up. Some animals try to chew and bite their own limbs off just to get out of it. Fur also comes from `fur farms’. Millions of animals are killed each year in these farms. The farms force them to live in extremely close contact with the other animals, which is completely against their instincts. This lifestyle cause severe stress that can lead to cannibalism and self-mutilation. If they get killed at these farms, they die by gassing, poison, electrocution, suffocation, and neck breaking. So think next time you buy a fur coat.

Then there’s the subject of animal testing. Scientific researchers use animal experimentation for biomedical and veterinary research to improve human health and the welfare of other animals. Some groups are opposed to all forms of animal experimentation, arguing that medical advances do not justify it. Protests from animal rights activists against the use of toxicity testing on animals by industrial organizations—to investigate the safety of products on the human biological system–have ranged from organized demonstrations to arson attacks on shops, especially those selling cosmetics and toiletries. Many cosmetics firms now claim to use alternative methods of testing. Animals have been, and continue to be, used !” sports involving their injury and death. Bullfighting has been banned in certain countries, including Britain, but in Spain it is a traditional spectator event. Laws on badger baiting, dog fighting, deer and stag hunting vary from country to country. Fox-hunting is  still conducted in Britain but active opposition from animal rights and animal welfare campaigners during the fox-hunting season has resulted in the sabotage of meetings.

Concern has been expressed for animals kept in zoos and those performing in circuses owing to the unsuitable housing, lack of space, and unnatural habitat and climate in which these animals are often kept. While vegetarianism is often undertaken for health reasons, many vegetarians are opposed to eating fish, flesh, or fowl, and vegans abstain from eating or using any animal products—including dairy products and leather—because they disagree with the farming and slaughtering of animals. Humans are important, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to cause needless pain and suffering on the animal’s part, especially something stupid like make—up. If animal testing were to stop now, the progress of medical progress would speed up, because the alternatives techniques are less time-consuming, more accurate, and less expensive than using animals. And lastly, if you are planning to get a dog, you should not buy one from a pet store. Go to a licensed breeder. The dogs in pet stores are puppy mill dogs. Puppy mills were developed due to more and more people wanting dogs, and they are all mass-puppy-producing factories. The dogs that live there are under extremely horrible conditions plus puppy mill dogs will often be emotionally unstable or even dangerous due to bad breeding that you most likely will not run into if you contact a licensed breeder about getting a dog. Think about it, would you like to be treated likes some of these animals that undergo these conditions and abuse?

Animals considered by society as vermin—for example, sewer rats, house mice, and garden slugs—are killed. The ethical eradication of these pests is not questioned although some people prefer to use a form of humane trap for house mice. However, people in favour of fox-hunting often cite the fox’s destruction of poultry as justification for supporting the activity.


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