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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Stray Cow” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Stray Cow


I am a stray cow moving aimlessly on the roads, being eschewed by one and all, being beaten by some and being held in low esteem by one and all.

I was not always like this, for, till some time back I had a nice comfortable house and was pampered by my master, and lived in the company of my friends. However, a few months back, I was literally thrown out of my house, the reason being that now I do not give the desired milk to my master for his business. Due to my inability of giving milk any more, my master has left me to fend for myself, on the roads of the town. In this way, I have joined the huge number of such unlucky cattle all left to stray about on the roads, and fend for themselves. Now only I have come to know that, men who keep and maintain cows and even buffaloes for milk, throw them out when they stop providing them with milk. This is exactly what has happened to me, and now I am left by my master on the roads to look after myself. I often wonder what will happen to me when I fall ill or get old the very thought unnerves me, and I feel so very depressed that I even wish to commit suicide. However, God has not given me and my tribe the capacity to commit ourselves to death. Now that I am wandering on the roads for most of the time, I can be a danger to men moving about on the roads, and harm them with my horns, that are pointed enough to wound or even kill man. At times when men hit me with stones or sticks I do show them my horns but, I have not yet harmed anyone.

My life consists now only in looking for food to satisfy my hunger. I wander from road to road and house to house, so much so that I even dip into the dustbins to look for some eatables. Even after all the efforts, I rarely succeed in getting a fill to my satisfaction. However, this is my daily routine as, after all I have to live as long God ordains.

My sadness knows no bounds when I see my friends, cattle of, may be better breeds being lovingly looked after taken for morning and evening grazing to large fields where, besides getting full and sumptuous meals they can even breathe clean and fresh air of open space. I then feel that there is no love for me and that, I am destined to be hated and scorned and all that, just because I have in the natural way, stopped serving the selfish being that is MAN. Many a time I see several of my clan being moved in huge trucks and, when I come to learn that they are all being taken to be slaughtered for man’s food, I understand how selfish this being man is. With this feeling I even stop looking for food. Thinking of all this that we cows are destined to face, I sometimes feel like cursing myself and my breed Oh! God what did I do to earn this fate at the feet of man?

With pangs of depressions I, at times even get involved in fights with my own clan, and get badly hurt. However, this injury means nothing to poor creatures like me. Life goes on, without treatment, without rest and without care. With all this, the daily routine of hunting for food has to continue as, who will give me any food if I do not get it for myself.

At times I wonder to myself if there could be any other living being who leads a life as miserable as mine a stray cow. All the time I pray to God that He help me out of this life, and give me death so that I can be born in a better life of a better species. A stray cow is one living being who is not cared for, not loved, and not wanted. The worst experience of this life is when we cows are abandoned by our masters for no fault of ours, i.e. when we stop giving milk. I get such a feeling of nausea when I think of the selfishness of man, and, see how he treats other living beings. For, a long time I served my master, and in my hey days I bore six calves and gave him hundreds of kilograms of milk and as soon as I stopped that, he threw me out. This is the tragedy of my life and the life of all my clan. I was also once well looked after and now my end will be on the road, I do not know when but I do hope soon


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