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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Pet Dog” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Pet Dog

 Essay No. 01

My name is Jimmy and I am a pet dog of one Mr. Saran. I very vividly remember that lucky day when my master bought me for Rs.25000/-

I was born in a litter of five puppies and my mother was also a pet dog in the house of one Mr. Sinha. I remember when all of us children the five of us, two brothers and two sisters and myself were just a few months old my mother’s mistress, Mrs. Sinha started looking for customers to buy us. All of us felt very hurt when we overheard that very soon we would all be out of this house and that, above all else we would all get separated, and get different homes. This thought was simply heart breaking that, we would not even see our own sisters and brothers, leave aside our mother. However, one thing that gave me some happiness was that, my mistress would always tell her customers that we belonged to a good breed, a good noble family, i.e. we were all of a good pedigree. This is what men call dogs of good families. Though we all children wondered why our mistress wanted to sell us off to others and Why she could not keep us, or give us all to one family so that we could be together. However, my mother realised that, the six of us would be too much for any family to maintain, and, it was she who, with all her love convinced us one by one that we would have to separate, and that, Mrs. Sinha was absolutely right in looking for customers to buy us.

As time passed by, we were all about four months old and, finally, the day came when the two of my brothers were bought by one Mr. Akash. Oh, how lucky these two had been that they would be together in one home, moreover, I heard that Mr. Akash, their master lives somewhere near our house. After another two weeks both my sisters went away to two different families I just do not know where. Now that I was left alone, I became eager to go as early as possible for, it was now very lonely with no one to talk to and to ask for help. As I was not too beautiful, it took another month before 1 found my home. 

I remember that day, it was about six months back that one day, one Mr., and Mrs. Saran had come to our house and asked for me. My mistress took me out of the beautiful kennel she had made for us and handed me over to Mr. Saran. I did feel unhappy leaving my mother, my home for six months, and my lovely mistress, but I reconciled to the fact of life that had to be.

Now I have been in this house of Saran’s family and am really enjoying myself. Mr. and Mrs. Saran is a real lovable couple and they have two sons equally lovable and affectionate. They both love me a lot and at the same time, the family is very strict with me when it comes to learning and teaching of manners and etiquette. All of them spend a lot of time with me teaching me and playing with me. Oh! what a wonderful life I have, I have completely forgotten my brothers and sisters and my mother. At times the two boys, Ajay and Vijay tease me a lot and believe me, their parents scold them and not me what justice exists in this family. This also makes me feel so much loved that I am convinced that no dog of my kind could ever be happier.

Life was getting on fine when once again Lady Luck smiled at me all over again. One day when the servant of the family Satish took me out for a walk, my mistress asked him also to buy some items for the home, so, he went to the market with me. There, as Satish was buying things what did I see? There in the market, I saw and also met both my brothers and this meeting was an excitement for all the three of us. When we talked to each other, and compared our lives, I came to know that they were living in my neighbourhood. From them only I also came to know about the welfare and whereabouts of both of my sisters, who it seems were also not very far from where I lived. One tragedy had occurred in the life of one of my sisters. She had fallen from the terrace of the house and broken her leg. Anyway, there was nothing to worry about as, her mistress was also very loving and had taken all the care required. After hearing about the welfare of all my brothers and sisters, I felt very fresh and happy, and I say this had been a very lucky day for me.

Life goes on and often I get the opportunity of moving in the different cars of my master. When I move in cars taking joy rides, I notice several of my species moving about as if aimlessly on roads, and some are even very sick and even wounded and there is no one to look after them. When I notice them, I really thank God for my very good luck as, I get the best of food that also, fed by loving hands, best of love and care, and a cozy shelter in my kennel and, above all the medical treatment whenever I fall ill. The sight of my less lucky brethren makes me feel terribly depressed and at times, I even want to help them but HOW? God has not given me the capacity to help. I can only feel for them and pray for them what more can I do?

Thus my life is full of roses and I do bless my masters and friends who all love me, fondle me and play with me. At times I even feel that, I am even luckier than some human beings who do not have homes like mine, food served on a platter like me and people to love. Isn’t then my life, even as a dog, a lower species, better than the life of some human beings a supposedly highest species of creation.


Essay No. 02


The Autobiography of a Dog

Outline: My birth – my family – I ran away from my family – my wanderings.

Many and varied have been the adventures I have had in this miserable life of mine. I was born in a litter of six puppies. I was the healthiest pup in the litter. How happy we were as we ran about and played around our mother. My mother was the pet of a poor family and slept outside their hut.

Soon the family found it difficult to feed us all. They gave us away to different people. The children in the family to which I was given, did not care for animals. So they spent their time beating me and being cruel to me. I yelled and whimpered a lot, and sorely missed my mother.

One day, when I could no longer bear their cruelty, I ran away from them. I felt more miserable than before. It was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. To add to my troubles, I was very hungry. If I observed a crust of bread or any eatable, I would hardly get to eat it as other bigger dogs snatched it away from me and swallowed it up.

I’ve wandered a lot from place to place and picked any food I could find. I have no proper food or shelter to look forward to. Yet I manage to exist as best as I can, and I am still thankful that I am alive today.

Difficult Words: Whimpered – cried weakly, (like a puppy or a baby) crust – hard outer part (of bread). snatched – took away forcefully. swallowed – took food down the throat into the stomach.


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