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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Magazine” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Magazine 

I am what people call a magazine. I am a sort of a book, which is very popular among the intelligentsia. 
My name is India Today, a very well known and reputed magazine. What I can gather from hearsay is that, I am very widely read and also highly appreciated. 

At one time not very long ago, I used to be a fortnightly magazine but now my masters print me every week. I, personally belong to the week dated 16th of October 2000. Though many other magazines have now come to the market but, I am still very much liked, this, I think is because of my established brand name. The entry of several other similar magazines is giving me keen competition and I feel that my entity has been lost.

What I understand is that, my body is full of the latest news, views and articles which people of the educated class love to read. Moreover, my week, the week in which I exist is very important from the point of View of news. My Cover page shows the Prime Minister on a wheel chair as, I understand that, he has been operated upon his left knee and, this is the most important news of the week. The importance of the news I can understand as, he is the Prime Minister, and it becomes news of national importance. Presently, I am being pampered in every home of the elite and every library. However, I also know the bitter truth that, the life span of a magazine is very short. This is because, as soon as my younger brother, the edition of the next week hits the stands and enters homes, I lose all my importance, and then, the backyard, the garage or the rubbish bin becomes my residing place. This is not true only of me, but this happens to all my clan members. All my seniors have gone that way and so will I as, once this week is over and my junior colleagues take over by entering the market, believe me, I have nothing left to look forward to. 

Even with this very short life Span of all of us, I feel that my fate may be a little better than that of my friends, and that, my life may be a little longer than that of any of my colleagues. This is because I belong to one family of voracious readers. This family, I have heard and also seen preserves my brand and some other important friends of some other brands also for at least one year, the reason being that, we all make good reading. They have a small library in which they keep us all, and this library is within their huge bungalow. Thus, after this week is over I will not be suspended, but my place of residence will change from the magazine holder in the drawing room to the library room somewhere in the interior of the house. 

Thus, my life span is presumably at least one year and may be, after that, I have to join my friends in the home of a rag picker. This will after all be my final destination I know. Any way let me enjoy the fine life I have at present instead of thinking of the bleak future. 


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