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Essay on “An Autobiography of A Pair of Spectacles” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Autobiography of A Pair of Spectacles 

Spectacles Yes, 1 am a pair of spectacles and that also a beautiful one indeed, an expensive one and one belonging to a unique person. 

Spectacles are an item of utility which people wear when their eyes become weak. With lenses of the power required, the weak eyes can see better and this is of course true of all of us. However, so much being common to all of my clan, I am sure you would like to know more about my life. Since, I am an individual different to the common class of spectacles. Oh God, I hear my make which people of fashion call the brand name, my brand name being Ray Ban. I believe this brand is a very costly brand of spectacles which can be afforded only by the rich and the elite class of the society. Thus, as soon as this brand name was affixed to me, I was sure that I would certainly be owned by someone from the class of the elite. 

For several days I lay dejected and bored at one of the outlets of Ray Ban spectacles in a Mumbai market, the name of which I do not remember. My friends, my neighbours were being bought one after the other, and the delay in my purchase depressed me and, I started wondering why I was not being chosen by any of the customers. All kinds of thoughts came to my mind, was I ugly, was I defective or handicapped I just could not understand why, after all why was I not liked by anyone. While I was terribly done and out with such depressing thoughts of pessimism finally my luck smiled at me. 

It was early in the morning and the showroom was all set, for the day’s sales, and, just as I was thinking of what the day would bring for me, a very beautiful young girl stepped into the showroom, and, came towards my counter, and so much so, I could see her pinning her eyes on me. At once she really came to my counter and straight away, asked the salesman for my price and, on hearing the price she stated in a low voice that, I was too expensive, but that she wanted just me. I was taken out from the shelf and handed over to the packer to pack me. Aha! I was so excited why, do you know? My excitement was for more than one reason. Firstly, I was happy that I had finally been bought, and that also by a cute young girl. Secondly, what gave me great pleasure and a boost to my moral was that, I now came to know that, I lay in the shop for so long not because I was not liked but that, I was too expensive for many to afford. This thought led me to believe that, I must be better than the others of my clan and believe me I was on top of the world with this thought. This was, however, not the end of my excitement, for, soon I came to know that, the young girl who had bought me was none other than the heartthrob of millions Ms. Karishma Kapoor. She had to wear me in some of the scenes of her latest film so she had purchased me. 

This new home of mine was a palace and the new mistress no less than a princess. Besides Karishma, all the other inmates of the house were also just lovely and lovable. How my fate had chosen me as the lucky one is just unimaginable. I am now with Karishma and she always carries me with her in her purse. Though, in the four walls of the purse I do get suffocated yet, the idea that, it is Karishma’s purse, gives me a lot of relief. She handles me with great love and care and the touch of her delicate hands make me feel cajoled and loved. 

Presently, as I write this, my life is just wonderful and, I am sure this life will continue to be so, till my mistress wants me. I know you will not be able to imagine the finer feeling I get when I adorn her beautiful face, and with her, I also start feeling beautiful. I pray to God that this wonderful life continues and I also pray for the well being of my young owner. All that I can say now in this happy sojourn of life is that, may God bless my mistress with all the world’s success, and all happiness to her loving family. 


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