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Essay on “A Visit to a Hospital” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Visit to a Hospital

No mortal wants to visit a hospital and a police station. A police station can be avoided but on one pretext or the other one has to visit a hospital. A hospital is a place where’ one meets death and life, joys and sorrows, sullen faces and laughing faces, Doctors and nurses in their whites look angels serving everybody. They fight a duel with the god of death, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. A visit to a hospital is an experience in itself. Once I went to a hospital to see my ailing friend.

I found a great rush of visitors. The parking place was full. The hospital was a huge building with many rooms and floors. A well-dressed receptionist behind the counter directed me to the medical ward.

I saw their many wards like the General ward; the Emergency ward, the X-ray section, the surgical ward, the Pathology section, TB ward, the consultation room, the operation theatres, the dispensary, etc. Every ward was overcrowded. Private rooms were all occupied. First of all I went to the Medical ward to see my friend. He was on bed no. 13. There was a shelf behind his bed. There was a chart on a steel plate hanging down his bed. Spending about half an hour there and wishing a speedy recovery to my friend, I moved from there.

The atmosphere was full with the smell of medicines, chemicals and soiled overcoats and gowns. I wanted to come out of the place but to satisfy my ‘curiosity I decided to have a short round of the hospital.

In the Emergency ward the patients were in critical condition. It was an unbearable sight. In the pathology section I saw pathologists testing blood, urine, etc. Then I turned towards the operation theatre. I saw patients to be operated upon lying on the stretchers. It was all gloomy and quiet there. Outside the consultation room there was a long queue of patients. Suddenly there was commotion in the corridor. Some V.I.P. patients had arrived for treatment. My heart was heavy. Crossing many other wards on my way. I came out.

I saw some people sitting in the lawns in a jolly good mood. Some patients were leaving the hospital. In a corner I saw a huge crowd. It was the O.P.D. wing. I returned home in a contemplative mood.

My heart was all praise for the doctors and the nurses. In the hospital there is no discrimination of colour, caste, creed and race. This visit revealed a truth to me—in agonies people unite- and do something to mitigate the sufferings of one another.


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