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Essay on “A Street Hawker” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Street Hawker

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Essay No. 01

We find street hawkers in every city. They are a common feature of city life. They belong to the poor section of the city population and they cannot afford much to invest or pay for the shop rend usually. Therefore, they sell their goods in the streets.

The streets are usually alive with shouts since morning the hawkers are found selling vegetables and fruits. They sometimes carry baskets on their heads and shout loudly about the vegetables or fruits that they carry. Thus, the housewives, who cannot afford to go to the distant market, buy vegetables and fruits from the street hawker. The street hawkers have fresh and green vegetables that they sell in the street of a big town or a big city. The housewives wait for them. They get vegetables at comparatively cheap rates also. They wait for the street hawkers curiously.

But during the whole day, we find a large number of hawkers. They bring other goods to sell. Sometimes they bring sweets and other dainties for the children and the ladies living in afar off streets. They use ‘Vanaspati Ghee’ or oil and sour sauce. Such palatable things find favor with women living in cities. During the summer season, the women and children wait for ice-cream sellers. They come out of their houses with money and get the eatables that they like. They buy ice- balls. They suck it in their mouths and enjoy it much. The children also get such eatables. The mothers cannot resist their children at all and they pay for buying such things for them.    

We find hawkers in the streets selling the goods that are required by the people for use in their houses. They carry articles that are inferior in quality. These are mostly cheap and third-rate articles that are brought by the womenfolk. Thus, the womenfolk are entrapped by the street hawkers to buy these cheap articles for use in their homes. They find the articles in attractive colors and they do not know much about their quality.

A street hawker lives a hard life. Even the poor buy their articles. They are the petty customers of them. A street Hawker lives a life that is very hard. He can earn money that can hardly support him. He can hardly make both ends meet. He leads an adventurous life. As a poor man, he works is all through the day and thus he supports his children.

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Essay No. 02

The Street Hawker


Many housewives these days have grown lethargic. They avoid going to the market to make purchases. Moreover, when the street hawkers are there to provide them with all the essential commodities at their doorsteps, why should they waste their time and energy in going to the market?

Street hawkers can frequently be seen in streets in almost all the cities and even small towns. They sell all kinds of goods from cosmetics, artificial jewelry, vegetables, and fruits to blankets, mats, etc. Usually, they raise loud voices to invite the customers.

I’m here talking about a particular street hawker. His name is Ramu. He sells vegetables. He has been visiting our street for the past about one decade. He visits our street regularly. During the last many years, he must have missed coming just once or twice when he was laid up with fever. Otherwise, he comes without fail in the sun and shower and even when the weather is stormy or frosty. Visiting streets to sell his wares seems to be his mission, though it also means that he is always living from hand to mouth and has to starve if he misses his journey into the streets even for a single day.

As soon as Ramu comes in the street and raises his voice crying for his wares, the housewives rush towards him to purchase vegetables. He is very particular about the quality of goods. He sells fresh and green vegetables. He never gives short measures as other vendors do. His rates are a bit on the higher side but his customers do not mind it.

In spite of doing hard labor, he cannot afford to wear good clothes. He is a very sweetheart and is somewhat jocular at occasions. People, housewives in particular, like him very much and consider it a privilege to make purchases from him.   

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Essay No. 03


The Street Hawker

We find street hawkers in all big cities. They are poor people, so they are not in a position to run a rented shop. They sell their things from street to street. They make our lives easier also.

Hawkers are found selling vegetables and fruits since morning. Some hawkers have big baskets on their heads full of fruits or vegetables while others have bicycles which make their job easier.

They sell fresh vegetables. Old and busy people, who cannot manage to go to markets, welcome the hawkers. The housewives wait for them eagerly.

Kamal Kant is our street hawker. He comes early in the morning at 8 a.m. My mother waits for his arrival. He shouts at the top of his voice to announce his arrival. There are all vegetables of the season. He is young and sturdy.

He charges less money than the shops in the markets. He is a clever salesman. He believes in less profit but more sales.

He has some permanent customers in our locality. He has studied up to 6th standard. He knows some English.

He shouts very loudly. He is good at arithmetics. He calculates money in no time He is an awakened citizen.

He discusses some politics sometimes. He has a small family of two children only. He has a desire to educate them.

During the whole day, we find a number of hawkers selling other goods in our streets. Children wait anxiously for the arrival of the ice-cream sellers, while ladies and gents wait for `Allu-Ki-Tikki Wala’, `GolgapeWala’.

Some lady hawkers sell utensils in exchange for old clothes. Sometimes we find these hawkers sell inferior things at a cheap rate.

The middle-class people prefer to buy goods from these hawkers and fulfill their needs with less money.

A street hawker leads a very hard life. He has to get up early in the- Morning and shout all day.

Sometimes he befools the customers. He has a little sense of cleanliness.

He does not earn much. Usually, he lives in a small but with his family and can hardly make both ends meet.

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Essay No. 04

A Street Hawker

The street hawker in India is a very important part of Indian society. Quintessentially, he is the link between the farmers who grow fruit and vegetables and the end. users: the people who consume it. However, in a developing country like India where exclusive fruit and -vegetable malls are only just mushrooming, the street hawker is the man who looks after a variety of one’s needs. Street hawkers are actually roadside vendors who sell all kinds of merchandise. The merchandise may vary from vegetables to crockery, to plastic items, to beauty aids, to shoes. Generally, a street hawker spreads his ware on the road. To do this he must; however, gain permission from the municipal corporation, which will issue him a license to sell at a particular site on the road. In India, many hawkers operate without licenses. It means that every time the Municipality makes its rounds on the lookout for encroachers, the stalls of these hawkers will be pulled apart and their goods either thrown asunder or confiscated.

In cities where corruption is rampant, the hawkers pay a certain `hafta’ (weekly payment) to local goons and sometimes even the local police officers to be able to operate their trade without a license. There are several reasons why hawkers prefer to operate without licenses. Getting a license requires money which is not easy to come by for this class of people who mostly live below the poverty line. The municipal offices are known to giveaway licenses to only those who are willing to bribe its officials. Despite this, in most cities in India people will buy from a vendor irrespective of the fact that he holds a license or not. In a nation where poverty is the main reason why people resort to crime; the public believes that the street hawker should be exonerated in view of his trying to eke out an honest living.

In the Indian subcontinent, the street hawker shares a special rapport with the customer. Most street hawkers specialize in a particular item. Unlike a mall where one hopes to get everything under one roof, with a hawker one hopes to get the best of a particular commodity for e.g. Shoppers will buy all their greens from one vendor, tomatoes from another, and fruits from yet another altogether. This works for the consumer as the competition affords him more choice; be it quality or price. Also since business is on a one-to-one basis, a relationship is built and people will shop with a particular vendor for a particular item almost all their lives.

With the advent of mobile communication, shopping with these vendors has become easier. Some of them deliver to your doorstep and you end getting the service that you would normally associate with the supermarket.

With a view to providing easy accessibility to commuters street hawkers generally set trade immediately outside the railroad station, near bus depots, and at busy junctions. This proves to be a menace for traffic. It creates congestion, which leads to traffic jams which are undesirable in peak hours. In cities where space is hard to come by, areas near the station must be reserved as non-hawker zones as hawkers can prove to be a nuisance in these congested areas. Reliance Retail has had to deal with a lot of opposition from street vendors for trying to steal their livelihood. Private companies should find a way to do business without hurting the livelihood of street hawkers. Truth is the street hawker is a part of our community, an intrinsic part of our social and cultural fabric and we must try to preserve his livelihood.

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Essay No. 05

The Street Hawkers

Each day as we go out for a day’s work, we come across countless street hawkers. They are an integral part of our society. Unlike the rich, they do not have shops in strategic areas around the city. In fact, they move around with their shops from street to street, from house to house. One can find them everywhere in the Indian subcontinent. They are in the lanes, streets, on the bus-stands, on the railway platform, on the moving train, on the steamer boats on the river, and even on a small canoe in the backwaters of Kerala.

Some carry their wares on their heads others have push-carts or bicycles. In every case, they have to work very hard. They have to keep moving to earn their daily bread, Street hawkers can also be called mobile shops. They sell many different kinds of things. These things could be vegetables, cloth, utensils, items of everyday use, toys, bangles, objects of decoration, etc. But most of the time they sell objects that are liked by women and children.

These hawkers are very clever. They cry their goods in a very charming manner. They understand the psychology of a person. They are very efficient in spotting a potential buyer from afar. They persuade the person in a very sweet manner to buy their goods. Some of them are true street poets. They make up verses praising their goods. People usually get taken in by their loud claims and buy their products. They are not only walking shops but also moving advertisements.

Street hawkers are essential for those societies where most of the women stay inside their houses. They bring to the doorsteps various things needed in the houses every day. They also save us many journeys to the markets. Most of us have got so used to them that in the absence of the hawkers, we feel very lost.

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Essay No. 06

The Street Hawker

The hawker is a familiar figure. He is a moving shop. He goes about selling objects for everyday use. He carries them in a basket on his head or on a cart pushed by his hands. He carries out as he goes from one place to another. There are different types of hawkers.

There are those who go from town to town and village to village. All the hawkers buy from the local market and sell it in the streets. A hawker serves a useful purpose. He delivers goods at our door. Those who cannot find time to go to the bazaar find it convenient to buy from him.

A hawker shouts about the articles he sells. He is recognized from his call. The time of his rounds is known to the residents of the locality. They want eagerly for him.

There are certain hawkers who cater to the needs of women only. The bangle-seller is the most popular of such hawkers. He carries with him colourful bangles, to suit every woman’s needs. Other hawkers may sell clothes, wool etc.

Some hawkers also sell eatables. Although a few are very clan, others do not care about the health of their customers. They sell stale and unclean food items. Flies and dust settle in these uncovered food articles. Many times people, especially small children who eat food from these hawkers fall ill. Such hawkers should be avoided. They should not be allowed to play with the health of the people.

The street hawker earns his livelihood by dint of hard work. He has to go the door, street to street selling his goods. He carries heavy loads. He has to go out in all weathers else he would starve.

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